I Watched an Episode of The Goop Lab so You Don't Have To - But Maybe You Should

Friday January 24, 2020

Gwyneth Paltrow's show, The Goop Lab, went up on Netflix this morning.  As promised, I watched it, so I can tell you how absolutely horrible it is.  I started with the thing I'm most interested in, the episode on orgasms featuring Betty Dodson.  If you have read my blog or heard me speak at all, you'll be familiar with how I feel about Goop and Gwyneth Paltrow, so I'm going to suggest that you sit down and take a deep breath before you read the next sentence.

I really liked this episode.

No, I am not setting up a punchline.  Yes, I actually did really like this episode.

I think the reason I liked it so much it that the vast majority of the time was given to Betty Dodson and her business  partner Carlin Ross.g

Water Dancer Pocket Massager

Tuesday July 29, 2014
In my opinion, if a clitoral vibrator is going to be ‘one-note’ (by that I mean, one speed), it had better be pretty good. There are so many small vibrators on the market that are waterproof and portable enough for travel purposes that one sold specifically with those criteria in mind needs some extra selling points. 

Real People, Real Life, Real Sex: Matt and Khym Better Than Ever

Friday March 14, 2014
Comstick Films presents a series of DVDs that are basically porn documentaries. The films feature real couples talking about their lives together and footage of them having real sex. Matt and Khym are in their 30s and at the time this was filmed, had been together for almost 20 years. In an interview (with the interviewer off-camera and silent) they talk about how they met and got together. The dialogue is very genuine and conversational, and Matt and Khym come across as both very likeably people. I especially was drawn to how empowered Khym was – she was younger and much less experienced then Matt when they got together, but she became a very strong and passionate woman. More than just likeable, Matt and Khym are an inspiration. Early on in their marriage they had a lot of things to deal with that could have very well broken up other couples – in particular, the revolving door of friends and family members who stayed with them and who they had to look after.

Joydivision Joystick Micro Gyro

Friday January 10, 2014
When it comes to vibrators, bigger does not necessarily mean better. Alternately, smaller does not have to mean less powerful. Take the bullet, for instance: A small, basic kind of vibrator. Most only have one speed and are quite small.

The Lube Lowdown: Swiss Navy Creates a Sea of Pleasure

Friday January 3, 2014

Using lubricant has only recently become part of my sexual vocabulary. I am going to admit that it never really occurred to me to use it. I always assumed that lubricant was for women who had trouble lubricating naturally.

How very, very wrong I was. Lubricant makes everything go more smoothly (pun definitely intended). Even with proper natural lubrication, using some water-based lubricant makes sex more comfortable for the partners involved. Even in solo sex, lubricant helps, particularly with toys.