Greatest Hits - 2016

Saturday December 31, 2016

On this last day of 2016, we thought it would be fun to look back and find out what our most popular toys were this year.  Many of them are no surprise to us.  If you're not familiar with them, follow the links to find out more (and pick a few of them up at a sale price for a short time).

#10 - We Vibe Tango

We Vibe quality makes this rechargeable bullet a great choice.

#9 -   We Vibe Classic

We Vibe came out with many new products this year, but the original favorite shape remained a popular choice.

#8 -   The Original Magic Wand

Sometimes the oldies are the best.  The Magic Wand was one of the first modern vibrators and remains on of the most popular to this day.

#7 - Palm Power Wand Rechargeable

And sometimes an oldie needs a modern twist.  This lighter but still powerful wand was a big seller this year.

#6 - We Vibe Touch

We Vibe Touch

This one has been a favorite since it came out four years ago.

#5 - Mini Swan Wand

Mini Swan Wand

We fell in love with the Mini Swan as soon as we saw it.  Considering the fact that it came in half way through the year, it's number 5 spot is impressive.

#4 - We Vibe 4+

We Vibe 4+

We Vibe has been one of our best selling toys ever since it was created more than 8 years ago.  This version, introduced in 2014, added smart phone control.  It's remained popular through this year.

#3 - Magic Wand Rechargeable

When the favorite Magic Wand got a rechargeable update, we knew it would be popular and we were right!

#2 - Soft Rain Bullet

Sometimes you just need something compact and simple.  This has been a favorite choice for portable, quiet, and affordable toys.

#1 - 10-speed Teaser

It used to be that you if you wanted a good quality, silicone coated toy, you had to pay a lot of money.  This gem that we found a few years ago proved that is no longer the case.  The Teaser has been one of our top choices for a versatile, quiet, durable first-time toy.  It's our winner for best seller this year.


The Satisfyer Satisfied Me

Monday July 25, 2016
I never write toy reviews. I write snarky posts criticizing things that I think are bad or just plain ridiculous products, but I do not review toys.  I've never thought about it before but I guess it's because I own a toy shop.  I think my credibility is questionable if I rave about a toy that I sell at my store.  So for that, and other reasons, I've just never reviewed my positive experience with actually using a toy, until now.  This one was so completely unique that I just had to say something about it.

Another Page from the book of 'What Were They Thinking?'

Tuesday July 12, 2016

I ran across two very odd products last week.  The first is just a rip off, the second could rip off more than your money.

Astroglide has come out with a conception friendly lubricant.  I have no problem with the lube itself.  I haven't tried it but I've tried other Astroglide products and they're okay.  This one seems like it has very similar ingredients to their other water-based lubes.  Astroglide claims, however, that this TTC (trying to conceive) lube has a more alkaline ph which does not interfere with sperm survival and motility and that the consistency of the lube enhances the movement of sperm.  That could very well be true.

Is it a Gadget or is it a Sex Toy? Or Both?

Monday February 8, 2016
A big thank you to Kate Knibbs of Gizmodo, who wrote this short but sweet piece outlining all the new gadgets at CES that look like sex toys. CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. This is the place to find out about all the new high tech gadgets that are about to come on the market (pun intended). We love Kate's style. Instead of writing the boring, standard old piece about what's new and exciting...