'Hot Girls Wanted:Turned On" Turned Me Off

Tuesday May 9, 2017

I saw the documentary  Hot Girls Wanted when it came to Netflix about a year ago. I do believe that there are lot of very troublesome and concerning things that happen in some sectors of the porn industry and I think it would be interesting to make a documentary that actually looks at that honestly and offers some insight and options for action.  Hot Girls Wanted is not that documentary.  It is extremely sex negative.  It makes sweeping generalizations about porn after speaking to only one small group involved in creating extremely misogynistic content for just a couple of producers. 

So when I heard that Netflix had made a series out of the doc, I had no interest in watching it.  That was, until I started reading criticism from people who had been featured in the documentary. 

Catholic School Board Wants Porn Off Your TV

Wednesday October 19, 2016

I just ran across this in my newsfeed.

I had to double-check the article to be sure this wasn't some sort of parody or perhaps, real, but from 1986.  No, it's real and it's dated from yesterday.

Don't bother with X-Rated - Unless You're a Porn Film History Buff

Wednesday October 5, 2016

I'm spending a lot of time watching TV lately.  Netflix and I have become good friends. 

A new movie popped up last night that piqued my curiosity.  It's called 'X-Rated' and is described as 'A look at a plethora of pornographic films ranging from the 1970s to the 2010s and a commentary about their lasting impacts on the adult industry and the world.'  It certainly is a look at a plethora of pornographic films but it's not a commentary about their lasting impacts.

'Easy' is not Easy at All - but It's Great on Toys!

Friday September 30, 2016
Last night, I watched the first episode in the new Netflix show 'Easy'. This is an eight episode anthology series that highlights aspects of the sex lives of different people.

As I said, I have only watched one episode so far so I can't comment on the series as whole.

First thing I have to say is 'Wow, congrats on the toy, producers!'.