Best Sellers 2022

Friday December 30, 2022

Once again we bring you our biggest sellers of the year.  Many of the greatest hits from 2021 are back again but we did see some new ones come onto the list,  Wanting to give some important, hard-working toys their due, we've made a top 20 for this year instead of a top 10.

And here they are!

The Satisfyer Satisfied Me

Monday July 25, 2016
I never write toy reviews. I write snarky posts criticizing things that I think are bad or just plain ridiculous products, but I do not review toys.  I've never thought about it before but I guess it's because I own a toy shop.  I think my credibility is questionable if I rave about a toy that I sell at my store.  So for that, and other reasons, I've just never reviewed my positive experience with actually using a toy, until now.  This one was so completely unique that I just had to say something about it.