Playing with Toys: We-Vibe II

Playing with Toys: We-Vibe II
The We-vibe II is the second generation model of the We-vibe, and comes with some major improvements. Additional colours and 9 different vibration modes complete with different intensities. Advertised as "the world's most popular vibrator for couple", we can attest to this at The Traveling Tickle Trunk. These compact, waterproof and rechargeable little vibes now come in by the case load as they regularly fly off the shelves.

I have to admit I have had my purple we-vibe II for a little over a year now and had only used it once, with my former partner. I bought it on a whim once the sales clerk told me how it worked; I was intrigued. A lovely, flexible dual toy that curved around the pelvis to sit comfortable both internally on the g-spot and externally over the clitoris. With dual motors in both ends that vibrated in tandem. But the additional fact that, due to it's unique design, you can wear it DURING sex? Yum. But the one time I tried it with my ex-partner I don't recall really enjoying the experience. Still, with my new partner in tow I wanted to give it another shot. My friends all raved about the we-vibe and I couldn't write it off without giving it the good old college try. Man am I glad I did!
We-Vibes arriving by the caseload!

My partner and I spent some time getting each other warmed up before I picked up the toy and inserted it. I set it on mode 7 and enjoyed the vibration solo for a while before giving my partner the go-ahead to enter me. The vibration was very direct on my clit, but not nearly strong enough to bring me to orgasm without any additional stimulation; but I'm a girl who really loves a very strong vibration. But when my partner entered me? MAGIC!
He thrust very slowly a few times to get adjusted to the sensations himself. The internal g-spot vibration was humming right on the head of his penis and the feeling was very new to him. I really enjoyed the extra feeling of fullness in my vagina, and in the missionary position his pelvis was pushing the clitoral stimulator into my clitoris and felt amazing, giving me more of the friction I needed to combine with the vibration and have a really lovely orgasm after just a few minutes. My partner really enjoyed knowing that he was directly stimulating my clitoris with each thrust, and he found the vibration to have a numbing effect on his penis, which helped him to last longer while watching me writhe around under him.
Overall, I really enjoyed the we-vibe II and I was really glad that I gave it a second try. This time, I made sure that I was very aroused and well lubricated before inserting the toy prior to intercourse; I think that made all the difference. Like Brenda says, lube is a must for toys! I also think that taking our time during the initial thrusts, allowing both of us to adjust to the sensations of the vibration and the feeling of the toy itself helped make the experience much more enjoyable. The only problem I have with this toy is that the vibration mode is very difficult to change while it is in place; I had to remove it to change modes. But otherwise, fantastic toy that I look forward to using many more times in the future!

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