Playing with Toys: The Natural

Playing with Toys: The Natural
When I first saw this toy in a catalog, I knew it was something I wanted to try.  I had never seen anything else shaped like it.  The internal portion looked like it was made to fit comfortably and the external part has lots of ridges, which I am a huge fan of texture so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. When it arrived, the packaging really wowed me. It looks like a book that you open to find the toy. There are a few pages that have sexy drawings about suggestions about its use.  The toy is nestled in the right half of the “book” and when I reached in to pull it out, I was immediately pleased with the silky smooth silicone.
I couldn’t wait to try it so I gave it a quick wash, pulled up my favourite website, and gave her a try. For my body, it really did fit right where it should. It isn’t much of an “in and out” toy but I find rocking while sitting works great to give it just enough movement so you can feel all the ridges.  Squeezing the PC muscles while lying down is also great. Since not many masturbation sessions happen in my house without a Hitachi, I had to have the two toys meet. They work really well together! Since the Little Su Natural is silicone, it transfers vibration really well to the bump on the end and the ridges.

For partner play, it depends on what you like to do for how well this will work for you. Since it covers the clitoris and fills the vagina, the first thing to pop into my head was anal play. Anal penetration while wearing the Little Su Natural covers all the spots without taking up too much room. I didn’t try the toy anally yet but it looks like it would stay in really well and be easy to insert with the tapered end.

I didn’t notice at first but when I went to wash it after use, I noticed a little smiley face on the clitoral bump. It made me love the toy even more.

The Little Su Natural isn’t my favourite toy of all time but it is a happy addition to my arsenal.  Some days just aren’t about size and this little soft silicone dildo will fit the bill quite nicely. How much you will like it depends on how much you like to think outside of the traditional dildo box.

The purple 100% silicone toy measures 7.75 X 1.45” and can be used vaginally or anally.

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