Playing with Toys: Hitachi Magic Wand

Playing with Toys: Hitachi Magic Wand
The Hitachi Magic Wand needs no introduction. It's the Pulp Fiction of Vibrators; a polarizing cult toy with a cult following. Known as the Cadillac of vibrators, the Hitachi has been around in North America since the 1970's. The Magic Wand is produced by, you guess it, Hitachi; a Japanese company that mostly designs and sells electronics and computer systems. Although introduced to the market as a wand massager (thanks to its deceiving but incredibly practical design), the Magic Wand gained notoriety as a sex toy from its multiple appearances in classic 70's porn. Since then, multiple knock-offs and "improved" models have flooded the market, but in this reviewers opinion, nothing beats the original.
I first acquired my Hitachi Magic Wand toward the end of my pregnancy; my original wand massager, admittedly a Hitachi knock-off, had died on me and my belly was too big and cumbersome to reach my clit with any of my other toys. The Hitachi Magic Wand comes in a very non-sexual box, featuring pictures of people massaging their sore necks (which it is also very good at; also used in on my back when I was in labour! Talk about versatility!) It's a long, heavy wand with a rubber head, with the consistency of a tennis ball that has some reasonable flexibility to it. It's easy to clean and you can buy several different attachments made by other companies; a couple g-spot adapters and a few replacement massage heads if you want to mix up the texture, and can even be adapted to some position pillows if you prefer to rub against something when you masturbate. It's also electric, comes with a cord and plugs directly into the wall; no batteries to recharge, but you'll want to have a back-up toy in case there's a power outage (there are similar wand massagers that run on batteries like the Mystic Wand) and an adapter for those European Vacations. It also has a reputation for incredible longevity; many dedicated Magic Wand users have claimed that their toy kept going faithfully with regular use for over ten years!
A word of caution, the Magic Wand has two speeds; intense and INSANE. If you enjoy or need a really strong vibration, this toy is incredible. If you only prefer a more subtle vibration, this is probably not the toy for you. The massage head is also large enough that you get some real coverage; put it on your clitoris and you can also have some direct vibration against your labia. The motor in the Magic Wand is higher up in the wand, closer to head, which means that most of the significant weight this toy carries will not be an issue if you are lying on your back. However if you are sitting up or on your hands and knees the weight can become cumbersome. My favourite position to use this vibe is sitting up in a chair with the massage head pressed firmly against my clit; this leaves at least one of my hands free to touch my breasts or scroll through some erotica on the computer. And another word of caution; this thing is LOUD. The motor is loud and a little grinding; when owning this toy it's definitely preferable to have understanding roommates.
Using the Hitachi Magic Wand with a partner is a little trickier. Certainly doable, but it's more practical design isn't very compact and the weight can be an issue. My partner and I were able to use the Magic Wand when we were spooning, but the toy is simply too big to fit between us if we are facing each other. I find that it's also too heavy to hold up in doggie-style sex, and is an uncomfortable shape and size to lie right on top of when I'm on my stomach. It wasn't a toy that I would make regular use of with my partner, but lots of other people do.
Overall, The Hitachi Magic Wand is a classic with a cult following, and with good reason! This old reliable is fantastic for the occasional and habitual toy user and, at least for me, guarantees an orgasm every time. And for the consistent and incredibly reasonable price of under $100, it's definitely a toy that deserves a special place in your toy box and your heart.

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