Playing with Toys: Nosy

Playing with Toys: Nosy

I was excited to get a hold of Nosy because this toy was designed by the guy who designed all of the original Lelo toys.  How can you go wrong?  Well, Nosey is not a Lelo, but it is a pretty good toy.

The shape of it is awesome.  It has a handle that’s just long enough to hold comfortably and a hook at the end with a bulbous nose (hence the name).  The end of  it is great for internal and g-spot play.  I think it would reach the g-spot for most women, it certainly does for me.  What was unexpected about nosy is that once you got it situation against your g-spot, you can press that lovely handle up against your clit!  Yay!  Two in one toy!

Nosy also has a pretty nice shape for guys.  I used it on my partner and he really enjoyed it.  That little crook cradles the side of a cockshaft very nicely, then you can hold on the other side with your hand and even combine that with a little tongue play.  It would be better if the end of nosy was even a little longer and more flexible for this purpose, but it does work pretty well for guys.

It’s a pretty nice toy to use together too.  It’s small enough to lean up against while your partner is behind you and yet big enough that it won’t move around all over the place.

One thing I don’t love about Nosy is the way the vibration settings works.  The first setting is the strongest and the second is the weaker.  This is kind of confusing and it’s a pain when you want to go from softer to stronger setting when you’re playing.

Nosy has a nice smooth surface so it feels great in the hand and glides nicely against the skin.  Overall, Nosy is pretty nice.

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