Playing with Toys: Gigi

Playing with Toys: Gigi

Full disclosure, I was in love with the Lelo company and its products before I even got my hands on one. When I first became acquainted with Lelo in late 2009, I was still convinced that sex toys would never get much more sophisticated than a jelly cock. So when I first set my sights on theGigi, I was in toy-design heaven. Everything that Lelo produces is sleek, chic and comes off as much more sophisticated and sexy than a jelly cock. Sex toy design, up until Lelo and other ahead-of-their-time companies took a different direction, had been rather neglected and toys were designed to be either perfunctory or ridiculously silly (although the silliness had a point; sex toys are illegal in many parts of the world, and the silliness helped toys appear more like children's toys and therefore more acceptable). Once the streamlined, seamless and sophisticated design was popularized by Lelo, most reputable companies followed their lead by developing new toys that took on this appearance.

Though I was enchanted by their appearance, I didn't actually try one until my partner purchased one for me, Valentines Day of 2010. He selected the Gigi out of the Lelo products, in a rosy pink hue (it also came in magenta and a teal blue). Once it arrived (we lived in a town without a sex shop at that time) in the post, I ran home with the box under my arm filled with childish glee. Once I actually got it into my hands, I was struck with how soft the 100% silicone shaft was. The material itself was very sleek and pleasant to touch. The controls, which include 5 pre-programmed modes and a wide range of intensities to choose from, were also very easy to use (the controls are back-lit when used; handy in the dark!). The Gigi is smaller than it's sister vibes, Elise and Iris but it packs a powerful punch!

The Gigi is designed to be used for both internal g-spot and external stimulation. While I tried it for g-spot, I'm really much more of a clitoral girl. I noticed immediately how quiet the motor was; my partner couldn't even hear it when he was in the same room! The vibration was also very intense; I enjoy a very strong vibrator and the Gigi, while also complete with several low-intensity settings, did not disappoint my vibration needs. It's really easy to hang on to again, thanks to the design, and I found it pretty easy to get off with.
Fast forward several months and a new boyfriend and I finally got to try the Gigi with a partner.

My partner and I were having sex in a spooning position (on our sides, with him behind me) and I was masturbating while we had intercourse. I got the idea to break out my Gigi and use that to stimulate my clitoris (direct clitoral stimulation is impossible in this position if you aren't using your hands or a toy). The Gigi is easy enough to maneuver during sex thanks to its design, and it is easy to use its controls as well. The motor was so quiet that my partner and I could still hear each other breathing during sex and it was great to have the extra stimulation during sex. My partner did not receive any stimulation himself, but knowing how much enjoyment I was getting from my toy while he was inside me was a big turn on for him.

Overall, I think the Gigi is a fantastic addition to any toy box. This versatile, powerful and frankly, gorgeous vibe deserves it's own special place in your heart and your nightstand ;)

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