The Sleeve of Destiny

The Sleeve of Destiny

I recommend the Sidekick to pretty much everyone. If you're taking matters into your own hands or lending a helping hand it provides an exceptional orgasm every time, that is quick, easy, and ridiculously enjoyable.

So, what is "the sleeve" as our friends have taken to calling it? There are two Sidekick versions both made of high quality, easily cleaned, elastomer. The Sidekick One is a tube closed on one end filled with dozens of little tickling nibs. Squirt a little lube inside (trying not to get any on your hands) and ease it on. Penis size isn't an issue as the material stretches to meet your needs. After a few strokes you will understand what I mean; ridiculously enjoyable. The benefit of Sidekick One's closed end is that it creates delightful suction and contains the mess. Clean up consists of turning it inside out and using a little soap and hot water. That's it, it's ready for next time.

The Sidekick Two has a few significant changes. The second iteration is open on both ends, looses the nibs in favour of raised bands that circle the interior, and it is reversible, turn it inside out for a completely different sensation. Again, clean up with warm soap and water, pat dry and store it for next time.

Generally I prefer the Sidekick One when solo, the sensation is that much more thrilling and having the mess contained is a nice side benefit if it's a quickie. The Sidekick Two though shines when it comes to couple play. I have heard from a number of men and women that the sleeve allowed them to bring their partner to ejaculation by hand (per se), sometimes for the first time ever.

The price is right and so is the design. Who would have thought such a simply idea could be so effective?! Give it a try, you won't regret it.

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