I had heard a lot about this toy and I liked the idea of it so I was eager to try it out.  For the most part, I don't think it's worth the hype surrounding it at all.

The little vibe is really cute - it looks almost like a scarab beetle.  It's thin and it has a curve to it that forms nicely to the body.  It's very quiet.

It took me quite some time to figure out how to get the damn thing on and positioned properly.  Getting those straps into the toy and hooking them up is not as easy as they make it sound in the limited instructions.  This whole procedure was not exactly hot foreplay.  It fit fine when I first put it on but I would worry about the sizing.  I got the XXL size, which is the biggest size they have.  I am a size 16.  There are a lot of women who won't be able to wear this thing.

So when I first put it on, I was thrilled with it because it sat in the perfect spot and held tight to my body.  This is the thing that people who make these toys don't get.  A vibe just sitting against you is not going to do a damned thing - it has to push right up into you or you need to move around on it - at least that what I find.  So I was happy to feel how snug it fit when I put it on and started it up.  I think using it by myself - just lying on top of it or using another internal toy while I had this one might be good.  I haven't tried that yet but I definitely will.

Because that may be all it's good for.  When I tried it with my partner, it was not so good.  As soon as I moved around, the tiny little straps starting rolling up and the clasps dug into me.  It's hard to focus on your partner when you have sharp little clasps digging into your hips.  Other than that, I liked the feel of it but my partner really didn't.  He could feel it scraping against him as he moved.  I know they say that you can adjust where the vibe sits but you really can't.  The straps are not adjustable.  The length of them makes it impossible to move the vibe because if you pull the vibe upward because the space between the straps then narrows and digs into your vulva.  That's even less pleasant than the digging into the straps.

The other issue is that you really can't change the settings while you're using it.  The button is small and hard to feel - it's hard to push unless you're looking at it.

Overall, I'd say the FixSation has some upsides, but it's not worth the money.

Strength - 4/5

Noise - 1/5

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