Fuze Triton

Fuze Triton

Looking to explore anal sex, but not quite sure how you want to go about it? Or perhaps you've already dug into the anal toys world, and you're looking for something little more versatile. The Fuze Triton allows you to explore many different options all in one!

I got interested in this toy after playing around with the Fun Factory Flexi Felix anal beads- like many, I really enjoy the in-and-out feeling of beads. However, even though I know most anal beads bunch up as they go in (thus don't end up going in quite as far as they look like they will), at ten inches the Flexi Felix feels a bit long for me at times.

So here was my dilemma. How to satisfy the need for in and out motion in shorter form? I decided to try out the Fuze Triton. It's marketed as a hybrid between a plug and beads. The toy has five bumps touching each other and gradually increasing in size, but is relatively short and less flexible than other, longer kinds.

An initial benefit is the quality of the material, being 100% silicone. This means that I don't have to be concerned about phalates or other chemicals in my toy, and that the surface is non porous and a completely inert substance with respect to my body. For cleaning, I just wash it with soap and water, or sometimes boil it (silicone doesn't melt or burn, either).

I find the Fuze brand 's silicone to be exceptionally smooth, which makes for easy entry with the aid of a good water-based lubricant. The increase in size of beads is gradual and manageable. It really is a nice hybrid between beads and something not as long. I especially like that, as each bead is directly in contact with the former one, the Triton is less flexible than most other anal beads. This, along with the finger hold, allows for easier insertion (especially if another person is involved in play).

Another benefit mentioned above is that the Triton does not have to be used like anal beads; it doubles as a plug. This means I don't have to choose another toy if I would like to switch from one form of play to another. One thing about using it in this way is that I found all of the bumps need to be inserted in order for the toy to stay in place-I cannot choose at which point I'd like to have them inserted and stay in place. I think this is because there is not enough space between one bump and the next for the anal sphincters to completely close. This is somewhat unfortunate because, with the size of the last bead, it can be uncomfortable for vaginal penetration in certain positions when the Triton is also inserted. Of course, this may not be true for everyone.

What about vibration? Also an option! Another bonus of silicone toys is they transmit vibration very well! The toy doesn't specifically come with an insertable vibrator, but a cheap, standard size bullet fits conveniently in the finger hold. The bullet doesn't even get in the way of holding the toy- just offers a little something extra to hold on to! The versatility of the Triton in this way adds to its ever-growing feature list in my books.

Overall, I found the Fuze Triton to be an excellent toy for many different reasons. Whether I want to play with in and out motions, leave them in, or feel them vibrate, I only have to reach for this one toy. Being quite happy with this toy, I am eager to explore more shapes in the Fuze line!

Noise: N/A
Vibration: N/A
Versatility: 4
Solo: 4
Partner: 4
Overall: 8

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