Fun Factory Fou

This funny-shaped toy attracted my attention immediately. The Fun Factory Fou is a round, egg-shaped external vibrator with a finger-sized valley cut out near the top: a very intriguing form. I fell in lust right away. Oddly enough, it wasn't because I knew exactly what it would do for me, but because I had no idea and was excited to explore. The Fou challenges the buyer, almost like its saying "you figure it out," a challenge to see what you can make it do. (The beautiful, bright colors it comes in don't hurt, either.)

I didn't need a new vibrator ("need" is a relative term here, isn't it?) but I really wanted to try this one out. Besides, I also hadn't had the chance to try out Fun Factory's 'Click n' Charge' line yet (see below), so it was the perfect excuse. I brought it home, charged it up, and when my partner came home, I held up the Fou to him and asked "think you can find something to do with this?" (Apparently, he liked the challenge, too.)

The Fou is such a simple shape, it seems really intuitive to use. True, it can be. However, I think you will get more out of it if you're willing to try new things and get a little creative with it. Fun Factory, as a company, is partly about exploration. They don't like to tell you exactly how to use their products- I think part of their schtick is the push for consumer creativity.

One of the more fun things we've discovered is that it feels really good to put the top opening over the nipples, clit, or even the labia. You don't get to feel "surrounded by vibration" with most toys. I also like that the round shape allows the toy to roll over my body, instead of the added friction of rubbing (even with a good lube). And, for those women that like to lay on their toys, the shape of this one fits pretty nicely in the spot between closed thighs.

While the overall shape of the toy provides larger surface vibration, the cut-out part leaves an edge for more direct, intense sensations. My partner also discovered that putting one of his fingers through this hole and touching me with his finger provides really cool skin-to-skin vibrating sensations. There is also a lot of variability in speed and pulses to try out and see what really works for you.

Other benefits of this toy include: waterproof (really easy to clean), 100% silicone (completely body safe, smooth), and comes with a two-year warranty- Fun Factory truly stand behind their products! Did I mention it's rechargeable? All of Fun Factory's new rechargeable toys use the 'Click n' Charge' mechanism, which is a really innovative idea. Since they are waterproof, there is no entry point into the motor from the outside. So, instead of actually plugging the toy in, it charges magnetically from the outside.

Downsides? The Fou is a bit on the louder side, as far as vibes go, especially on some of the stronger vibration settings. I would also caution "slippery when wet," in that it can get quite tricky to hold onto (especially when its covered in lube and vibrating) due to its shape and smooth texture, like a slippery bar of soap. This can be funny or annoying, depending on your perspective. In fact, it can be hard to hold on to even when not covered in lube or body fluids, as there is no official handle or base of any kind to get a good grip on.

In conclusion, I'm really happy with this toy, and don't have many important complaints. On top of being the cutest toy I own, it really captures the fun side of sex. My interest in the Fou has yet to dwindle, and I find myself picking it up again and again.

Noise: 4/5
Vibration: 5/5
Versatility: 3/5
Solo: 4/5
Partner: 3/5
Overall: 8.5/10

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