Lelo Tiani Review

This month we reviewed the Lelo Tiani, which is a vibrating toy used for clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

For our first review we are going to give you our thoughts on this new toy:

Emily: The Tiani solo was pretty much like any other vibrator. A good variety of vibration modes. I would say the only thing that’s really distinctive about it is that it has the little remote (which controls the intensity and the frequency, and also has a setting where the intensity of the vibrations is controlled by the tilt of the remote), which I find is more fun with a partner than just by yourself.

Bryn: Oh yeah.

Emily: Yeah, the vibrations were strong, and I liked it, but I liked it more for partner use than solo. It works great for solo, but I would personally recommend it more for partner use.

Bryn: So it’s shaped like a U right, because it has the main vibration part that goes over your clit and then the little—

Emily: It looks like a tongue—

Bryn: –The little tail, which makes it looks kind of like a curved sperm—

Emily: …Yes…

Bryn: And the little tongue or tail or whatever thing can be inserted, it goes inside and is supposed to rest against your G-spot.

Emily: I think it’s better for partner use because if you’re just using it with yourself there’s nothing to rub that part against your G-spot. No Friction.

Bryn: I didn’t really enjoy it all that much alone…  Don’t get me wrong I love having something vibrate against my clit, but G-spots are elusive things. The entire reason men have this myth that clits and G-spots aren’t real is because each woman has hers in a different spot. And mine is quite far back, so the Tiani’s tongue couldn’t really reach it. I did like the intensity of the vibrations. When I was using it alone, I took out the insert part and just flicked it over my clit, and that worked pretty well. I actually preferred that method to inserting it because I got some movement out of it. But I definitely liked when we were together and you could use the remote, have the power, because that gave you some satisfaction, which made my satisfaction even better.

Emily: I definitely like how the remote works, it’s pretty easy to use and figure out once you’ve read the instructions. It is very important to read the instructions though, because otherwise it’s very easy to get lost. But the remote is fun, it’s really fun to have complete control over your partner.

Bryn: Another nice feature—Waterproof! You can use it in the shower, it’s made of silicone so easy to clean, very safe. And the charge lasts a long time, an hour and a half even. Charges fast too.

Emily: I like that it stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris. But we do need the rubbing.

Bryn: Well when I had it in and we were going at it, I had a fifteen minute orgasm. Thank you honey.

Emily: It definitely is nice to have both spots stimulated at once, that’s what I find sets it apart.

Bryn: But I’d expect for guys to have a good time with it as well, while inside a girl who had it inserted, because they’d be able to feel the vibrations as well, which I’d imagine (as a girl without a penis) that would feel pretty good too.

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