Jack Rabbit Review

California Exotic Novelties’ Jack Rabbit is definitely not a bunny by any means, it’s a “jacked” up version of the original Rabbit; and as all of us ladies know, the original got plenty of hype from not only the media but from the public as well.

This darling is a beautiful purple color made from 100 percent non-scented silicone and features seven functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. It also has a beaded “pleasure dome” with 3 speeds of rotation, and to top it off its completely water proof. It features my personal favorite button, which happens to be the reverse rotation button for the shaft.

So, now that everyone is up to ‘speed’ on what this baby can do, lets dive into the personal review of the Jack Rabbit. I have had the pleasure of playing with this toy for almost 3 weeks now, so we have become pretty darn close if you catch my drift. My first use was a complete testing experience; I had never tried one single toy that was intended to pleasure you in all ways. And for the most part it did. The Jack Rabbit was great for stimulating my clit, and even though I’m not usually one for direct contact, I did enjoy the 4th speed of the bunny, which is the light pulsating effect.

However, unlike a lot of ladies, I can’t reach an orgasm with just clitoral stimulation, I need my g-spot to be worked just as much in order to feel the “OH OH OHHHHH” moment. And in my opinion this is where the Jack Rabbit is flawed. The shaft is not long enough to get my g-spot going, and I tried – trust me, I did try multiple positions (I think I created a few new yoga moves actually). Maybe my g-spot is in a different place, but there was no way the Jack Rabbit could do the full job of getting me to my orgasm.

The Jack Rabbit does however make for great foreplay with your playmate; it stimulates you in the right places so you’re definitely going to be well lubricated down there. I don’t recommend this for any anal activity though – and I’m not a big fan of anal to start with – because I think the beading might cause some pain…unless you’re well-experienced in anal, then it might just be your cup of tea. Another benefit for foreplay with the Jack Rabbit is that because it’s totally waterproof you can use it in the bath or shower, and it feels really amazing with warming lube in a warm shower. But I will say that cleaning this toy can be a tiny bit frustrating, and because I have a touch of OCD I like my toys to be impeccably clean. The shaft is no problem to clean – it’s the actual bunny that causes my frustration, as the features in the face and such have small crevices that can easily be missed when cleaning.

My grade for California Exotic Novelties’ Jack Rabbit is a solid B -. it got my engine running, but it couldn’t put me into gear; but, if you’re a lady that can cum from clitoral stimulation this Rabbit will be your bestie. I personally believe that if the Jack Rabbit had a longer shaft by an inch or two, it would have done it all for me. Unfortunately it fell short (no pun intended). For now I’ll keep searching for the toy of my dreams. Until next time ladies, stay Flurty!

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