Lelo Siri Review

I’ll admit when I saw the name “Siri” on this personal massage device I thought it might speak to me and accept voice controls, like on my iPad. Well, I was wrong about that, but the Lelo Siri definitely does speak to me in other ways.

Hailed as having the strongest vibration of all of the Lelo devices, there are 10 speeds and several pulse patterns. One of the best things here is that the pulse patterns are also speed controlled. While I had a bit of a learning curve going between the speeds and pulses and back again, once I got the hang of it, it was like riding a bicycle. A stationary bicycle with a vibrating seat. Hey – someone should invent that!

As a woman who likes it fast and hard, I immediately revved the Siri up to its highest speed. At that point, it was literally moving in my hand. Then, I did my usual test of applying the device to the area in which it was intended for use, and going through the speeds and pulses. I don’t even think I made it through all of the pulses before having a very physical response.

In fact, at its highest speed, I can even feel the vibrations through my clothing. Seriously. “But how strong?” you may ask. Enough to make me come – it just took a little longer. Bear in mind I wasn’t wearing jeans or pants with a thick material – but still, the Siri opens up the possibility of having an orgasm on the fly. No muss, no fuss.

Subsequent uses brought equally happy results. The vibrations are intense and go exactly where they need to be. The charge is also powerful in other ways – I have gotten about four uses out of the Siri thus far, without needing to recharge it. Nothing is a buzz kill (no pun intended – but it was good one) like having your vibrator die on you right before the crucial moment! Did I say four uses? Make that a fifth! Excuse me while I kiss the sky..

Okay, I’m back again. The shape fits perfectly in my hand and the silicone tip comes in several colours (I picked red). I really like the look of it. Keeping it clean is pretty easy, although you have to be careful not to get any water inside where the charging cord plugs in. It is also reasonably quiet, even on the fastest speeds.

Now, nothing is perfect, and I have to say that the lower speeds did not do much for me except tease me to rev it up higher and higher. However, I can definitely imagine using the Siri with a partner, leading up to bigger and better things.

Overall, the Lelo Siri looks great, feels great, and is likely a product I am going to continue to use.

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