The Muse Review

Emily: The cuteness factor is a big seller on this one. It has a rounded bottom and a conical top, complete with 2 ear-like nubs at the top, which is why we nicknamed the Muse the “Bunny” instead. It has 2 buttons for its “eye,” which light up blue when you turn it on. The LED lights also serve as indicators for what speed and pulse setting you are on, which is handy for remembering which ones you like and which ones you don’t. The Muse comes in 3 colors: Black, purple and pink. Like most of Tickle Trunk’s toys, it is waterproof, rechargeable, 100% silicone, safe to use and easy to clean. It is available for 79$ at the Traveling Tickle Trunk on Whyte Ave.

The Muse comes with 3 vibration speeds and seven pulsation settings, and has 2 motors in the “ears” for a more direct, intense stimulation. The rounded base is easy to hold and fits well in your hand. Since the vibrations are also contained in the ears, using this toy is a lot less tiring for your hand. It can be quite loud on higher vibrations, considering it has 2 small motors instead of one. On slower settings though, it’s surprisingly quiet.

Bryn: The muse looks like a bunny. Like a cute little bunny you’d see on a kids’ cartoon. While I found it a little weird to be putting this adorable little bunny against my clit in theory, I liked how nicely the base fit into my palm for an easy grip and maneuverability.

At first the strength of the vibrations was a little disconcerting. A part of me was worried I would render my clitoris numb at first, but after using it for awhile, I got used to it and really enjoyed the strength. I like it hard and fast, so the motors being in the tip (rather than in the base so they can travel up, and aren’t as strong) was a great thing for me. I also found that if I set it pointing toward my body and twisted it back and forth at a low setting, I was able to get off without losing sensations in my naughty bits.

Emily: I have to admit, I wasn’t completely sold on the Muse at first, but it did grow on me after I gave it a chance. The shape of the Muse is definitely a plus, since its small, easy to hold and manipulate – not to mention the ears work wonders once you experiment with them a little. The downside for me was that the higher settings were often a little too intense. For me, anyways, having my clitoris clamped between 2 intensely vibrating ear motors was a little much at times. With a little persistence and experimentation, though, I found settings and angles that worked for me, and actually found the Muse to be a lot more versatile than other vibrators. It’s certainly unique, and very powerful, if that’s what you’re looking for. As the Tickle Trunk website says, it’s “cute and full of features!”

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