B Swish Bcurious Premium

External vibrators most commonly are in the categories of either wands or bullets. Recently however, there have been a number coming on the market that have different shapes and sizes to create new ways in which they can be used.

Enter the Bcurious Premium from Bswish ($94) that looks shockingly similar to a slipper. Not just any slipper for that matter but a rather regal, fairy tale looking one, albeit made of non-porous ABS plastic. These were my first thoughts upon picking the item up and trying to fathom the ways in which I could use it.

This 7 function external vibrator is curved in such a way that it fits the female anatomy comfortably when used in a variety of positions. The pointy part can sit right on the most sensitive spot while the rest of the toy is held in place with one’s thighs when sitting or laying down. When held the other way around, the curved bottom with its subtle groove can be rocked back and forth over the entire area while spreading the good feelings all around.

With three very fast speeds and four intense pulse patterns, the Bcurious is easily finger controlled. Although from time to time I have accidentally shut the thing off when repositioning or moving it around. It has a USB charger, and the charge seems to last a good long while. Best of all, it is water resistant, making for easy cleaning afterwards.

I personally liked using the tip on my clitoral area and then moving it around, alternating between keeping it still and in place. I tend to use the fastest vibration setting but I also found myself experimenting with the pulses. With other devices, I find the pulses often get lost on me, but the shape of the Bcurious is very conducive to experimenting with different speeds and pulses. Honestly, I ended up wishing there were more of them!

The vibrations are focused and reach every part of the device, which means they will reach every part of the area where it is used. It is long enough to extend all over the entire area so this is something that is quite fun – to say the least! I still think it looks like a slipper, a magical one with special power! If you like external vibrators and are getting tired of the same cylindrical shapes, then the Bcurious is definitely worth checking out as it is both a beautiful and functional little toy.

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