B Swish Bnaughty Classic

The Bnaughty Classic is a bullet and then some. A bullet in and of itself is a rounded personal massager usually with limited speeds. They are smaller and lower in price than other vibrators.

Bring on the Bnaughty! The bullet portion of the toy is oval, smooth and the perfect size and shape for clitoral or peritoneal areas. Now, here is where things get really fun. The bullet is connected to a wire, which in turn is connected to a remote control. So, you can put the bullet between your legs, lay back and yourself or your partner can bring on the speed or vibration patterns without otherwise having to manipulate the business part of the device.

How much speed? What kinds of vibrating patterns? I am so glad you asked! There are 3 intense speeds and 2 exciting patterns. The small dots on the remote light up as you make your way through the different options. It’s powerful, waterproof and has a discrete carrying case.

I found that the first speed on the Bnaughty Classic was as intense as some of the middle speeds on some of the devices I own that have multiple speeds. And that third one – well, intense is an understatement. It is ideal for clitoral stimulation without even having to move it around much – and, you don’t have to reach “down there” to change settings. Some interesting position variations I have discovered thus far involve placing the bullet on the right spot and closing my legs around it as well as placing the bullet and pulling my panties up to keep it in place while it is working.

However, with power comes sound. It is one of the loudest vibrators I have ever used. The top speed and second pulse pattern in particular are enough to create attention if used at a time when it is otherwise quiet. Imagine an electric razor on steroids. This is probably the device’s biggest drawback. You will also need 2 AAA batteries which don’t come in the box.

Still, if you like an intensely powerful sensation, and are seeking an affordable and fun vibrator, the Bnaughty Classic is worth a try!

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