Fun Toys' G-Vibe Review

Bryn and Emily are a lesbian couple who review sex toys from the Traveling Tickle Trunk monthly. This month they reviewed Fun Toys’ G-vibe.


I’ve got to say, for Fun Toys’ first toy, the G-vibe is an adventurous start. If they’re all like this, Fun Toys will do great. The G-vibe is water-resistant, rechargeable (I HATE having to buy a gazillion batteries, so this is pleasing) has a 1 year warranty and is made of medical silicone. It was quiet, even with 6 vibration modes, so it wasn’t even louder than our moans.

We nickname all of our toys, and the one we gave to the G-vibe was, “Lucy,” short for “Lucifer.” Named because it has 2 devilish motors in the ends of 2 splayed tongues. The idea is to squeeze the ends together before insertion so that once it’s inside it’ll spring open, finding new and interesting places to set those independent motors against. You can feel the vibrations deep inside you. It’s a fairly large and intimidating-looking toy, so I wouldn’t suggest it to everyone. I personally find it too big for me to comfortably enjoy often, but it was an incredibly different sensation. Then again, I’m rather small so the size may be more manageable for other women.


Overall, I would have to say I have mixed feelings about the G-vibe. For a new company’s first stab at the toy business, it’s remarkably creative. It’s pretty different than any toy I’ve personally seen, and it’s more adaptable than most other toys. Simply the varieties of ways in which it can be used, thanks to its unique design, are mind-boggling. In theory, this toy is gold. In practice, it does live up to expectations. But as is always the case, there are some drawbacks. Not the usual ones, like that the toy is too noisy or the vibrations aren’t up-to-scruff. There were no complaints in that department. The vibrations were pleasantly strong and the pulsation/vibrating modes differed in speed and pattern just like the best of Fun Factory’s toys. The toy has great impact; any way you use it, the toy delivers great sensations. The package even comes with a little instruction booklet with some helpful suggestions on how to use it.

A couple of the things I found I didn’t like as much were the fact that the toy is quite large and doesn’t come in any smaller sizes for smaller ladies. Thus far, I haven’t had an issue, but because of the flaring “ears” on the end, this toy really does stretch you sometimes to the point of pain. You really can’t (or shouldn’t) move or rotate the toy around a lot as this can cause some pain as well. You have to be really careful when moving it. This toy is made for concentrated stimulation and impact, not heavy-duty thrusting and motion. It’s a very innovative and interesting toy, and I will give it props. One thing it is not, however, is for the faint of heart. If you’re going to choose this as your next toy, I’d say make sure you know this is what you want. If it is, then I think you’ll be very pleased with the new addition.

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