Bandito Review


I found the Bandito to be fun to look at for starters. It makes me think of a ghost a little bit – all swirly and interestingly carved up. When my girlfriend and I wanted to get a dildo with a little more friction, we picked the Bandito, which has a curved end that’s a lot like a hook.

It took a little bit of getting used to for me. I’m very small and sensitive, so the rather large curved head caused a problem and, before we realized we had to be gentle, actually hurt me a little. However, with a little lube and patience, I found I liked it. Not as much as some of our other toys, but I did enjoy the added friction. I liked that it was harness compatible, and a cool feature was that it can suction cup to things like walls or seats.

After I got used to the size and shape, I really did enjoy the Bandito. I couldn’t take it as deep because of the rather large head, but it found my g-spot in a way no man ever has, so it gets props. And the way it kept finding it, rubbing up against it repeatedly and heightening the sensations of the ribbed sides passing over my insides was much better than any of the other toys we have.


I did try suctioning the Bandito to various surfaces. It didn’t work terribly well in my shower since the walls are stone and I don’t have a glass door. It does stick quite firmly to glass though; walls, not so much. I find it works better when it’s suctioned to a seat of some kind so it doesn’t have to fight gravity.

The swirly design is great, though. It is fun to look at, and the unique bumps and dips create interesting sensations. The Bandito rubs up against your insides like an insistent cat rubbing up against your legs. I would have to give this toy props for sure. It creates new sensations every time you twist or move it and the friction is indescribably awesome. Some more bonuses were that it’s harness compatible, water-proof, 100% silicone – all that jazz. The flared base and suction cup properties are also a plus. The downsides are that it hurts smaller gurls and that it doesn’t have a spot for a little bullet vibe.

For me, though, the positives outweighed the negatives. The friction, like I said, is intense and the head of the toy sports a little nubbin of sorts that works wonders on your g-spot. I suppose it could be used for clitoral stimulation, but the results wouldn’t be quite as nice. But all in all, my opinion of the Bandito is a good one, and I’d recommend it for anyone who enjoys a little more stimulation and friction.

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