Lelo Mia Review

I am such a geek. The LELO Mia vibrator caught my eye because it is rechargeable. Let me clarify: It was the way it recharges that really turned me on – quite literally. It plugs in to a computer’s USB port. Seriously. Take off the tip that is meant to be applied to your clitoris, and underneath is a USB plug. However, all it does is charge – I am not able to save my erotic novel in progress on this device. But oh, what a sweet thing that would be if I could!

Anyways, the LELO Mia looks great – it resembles a large lipstick container. Except, this is for your other set of lips. Sleek and available in 3 colours, I went for the pink. Black and purple were the other choices, and I was in a gurly mood. Besides the discreet look, the Mia is also very quiet when in use. No loud buzzing here at all. Charging in the aforementioned USB port took longer than the hour as specified in the instruction manual (yes, I did read it), but not overly long – maybe 2 hours at most.

This vibe has 10 speeds and 4 pulse patterns. The slower speeds must be designed for couples’ foreplay, as I felt more vibration in my hand holding the device than I did on my clit. The faster speeds are quite intense. You can actually see the vibe moving in your hand. I wish more of the vibrations actually translated to the tip – they seemed to be buried in the handle area. However, I found that the more I relaxed my grip on the Mia, the more sensation I felt on my clit. That lipstick-shaped slanted tip was very comfortable, and it was easy to move the vibe around. Although, it doesn’t have a lot of surface area so you have to do some manipulation for variety and to find the most pleasurable spots.

The first time I tried the Mia, I ended up holding the device in one hand while I manipulated my labia with 2 fingers from my other hand as the Mia alone was not bringing me to an orgasm. The second time I tried to use it, I was more adept at positioning the Mia, so it was working on me quite well without any other form of stimulation. What also might have helped was that I was more turned on in the first place. I almost came – almost. The Mia died on me mid-session, which was quite annoying. The charge maybe had lasted an hour total. Undaunted, I recharged the device. I applied the Mia in a variety of pleasurable positions and nature took its course in the form of an intense climax.

The LELO Mia is light, very portable and has a lot of things going for it. I could see myself taking this with me on a trip, along with my laptop – which I would use to recharge it. Being totally plastic, it is very easy to clean (although it is not waterproof). It comes with a satin carrying case, USB adapter (or, just plug it directly into a USB port), personal lubricant, and instructions. I wish it was a little more powerful, but for a gal who is very sensitive down there and likes her vibe to look as good as it feels, the Mia has a lot of good things going for it.

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