Vixen Mistress and Joque Harness Review

Vixen Mistress and Joque Harness Review

For this week’s Sexual Saturday sex toy review, we’ll be discussing how the Vixen Mistress performs with the Joque Harness. The Vixen Mistress and Joque Harness are available at the Traveling Tickle Trunk.

Emily: To start with, I found the Vixen Mistress a great starter tool. When I say starter, I mean for those newbies out there who have never tried toys before or are looking for something very basic. The Vixen has a nice, easy shape and is quite slender. Personally, I found it didn’t provide enough stimulation because of the ultra-smooth silicone texture, but for Bryn it worked very well. The Vixen is also extremely flexible, as well as softer than average. This is another feature that makes it great for beginner-toy-enthusiasts. It makes up for its simplicity, however, in that it has the capacity for a small bullet vibe. I find the added vibrations make up for the lack of stimulation. Another nice thing about the Vixen is its flared base, making it harness-compatible.

Moving on to the Joque, it was able to accommodate the Vixen quite well. The great thing about the Joque was its comfort, which was a huge plus for me. It almost feels like wearing a pair of Lara Croft’s leather booty shorts. At least in my mind. Although we encountered issues with the harness, they weren’t caused by the harness itself, which I still liked a lot. It’s sturdy, machine-washable, can be used underwater and securely holds everything in place. I would definitely recommend the Joque over other harnesses, as well as the Vixen Mistress for anyone who hasn’t used toys before or is very tiny, like Bryn.

Bryn: I found the Vixen Mistress hilariously named, to start with. The Vixen Mistress. Really? That’s a hilarious name, considering I planned to bang my girlfriend with it. I also thought it was a pretty color, and it was nice because it wasn’t one of those hideous, veiny cock molds you see in comedies. It’s a slender, light blue space penis with a flat bottom and a little place to insert a vibe bullet. We got it in conjunction with a harness, the Joque, which we did find problems with. Being two gurls, our hips are wider than men’s and don’t fit together quite as well. This made it hard to get close enough to each other to actually bang each other comfortably, well or for extended periods of time. This brings up the fact that the way strap-on-sex is depicted in movies and TV shows isn’t quite that easy. It takes practice and flexibility. And stamina. I’ve never had so much respect for a man’s stamina as I did after banging my girlfriend.

I liked the fact that the Vixen Mistress was slender, because I’m small and dildos I’ve used in the past were big, bumpy and too painful for my small size to accommodate while being pleasurable. I liked that there was a vibe bullet, because it gave the thrusting motion just that much more oomph. There was a little bit of a trick to holding it when I was using it alone, but once I got that down it worked really well, and always got me off.

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