Posh Teaser

Looking for a new toy? Bryn and Emily are a lesbian couple that review sex toys each month, sponsored by the Traveling Tickle Trunk. See what they had to say about the Posh Teaser.


I have a lot of difficulty finding an insertable toy that doesn’t hurt me. I’m very small, so many of the “normal” sized ones are too big and painful. Even more so with the vibrating ones. However, Posh Teaser was a refreshing experience for me in that it was completely comfortable, and not once did I have to stop for a breather. It wasn’t ridiculously large, but it does have a lot of curves to it, making it interesting, whereas many of the smaller toys I’ve used have no curvature at all, in an effort to be tiny.

The only downside I really found to it was that it was very loud. Just turning it onto the second highest setting, you could hear it all through the room, so it’s not a toy you want to use if you have a lot of roommates who don’t want to hear a telltale buzzing noise coming from your room—after you’ve used your electric toothbrush, so you can’t use that as an excuse. The other problem I encountered was when using it on my partner. The button on the bottom that’s used to control the vibrations isn’t in the best place, as it conflicts with the placement of your hand when going for a long time. This was a problem because the pulsations were strong with a large range of speeds, strengths, and patterns, and therefore very enjoyable.


The Posh Teaser definitely lived up to my expectations. I chose this toy specifically for my partner, keeping in mind the size, design and features that would work best for her. The size, first of all, was a bit slimmer than most and wouldn’t painfully stretch her. The swirl design added extra sensation when the toy was twisted or manipulated without causing her injury, which was a bonus. Previously I’ve sought toys that were completely smooth or soft and flexible to get around this problem. Although the Teaser isn’t flexible (since it has a built-in vibrator), this feature wasn’t a downside, and the pulsating patterns and speeds made up for it.

As Bryn said, one thing I found annoying was the placement of the button and a lack of a handle for your hand. It wasn’t uncomfortable to hold in my hand, but accidentally pressing the button did cause some irritating interruptions. All in all, I was pleased with the features of the Teaser. No toy is going to be 100% perfect, so the downsides like the noise of the built-in vibrator and the badly placed on/off button could be overlooked in favor of the advantages of the toy. It’s nice to find a toy that both caters to my partner’s particular preferences but also doesn’t disappoint me. If you prefer a smaller toy, or are a first-time toy shopper, I would recommend warming up with the Posh Teaser.

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