Je Joue's MiMi Review

MiMi is one of the smallest clitoral vibrators I have ever handled, but it is one of the most powerful. The vibration and pattern speeds range from subtle to intense – and by intense, just place the device in the palm of your hand going full blast and watch it move!

Covered completed in silicone, the device is waterproof, easily washable and, best of all – quiet. Even at its highest speeds, it remains discreet. The MiMi does not come with a carrying pouch, but fits easily in a purse or pocket. It charges with a magnetic clip that comes in the box. The charge is supposed to last two hours (although admittedly, I have not timed it). It comes in 4 different colours. I chose black.

Because of its shape (sort of like an egg, but flatter) and complete silicone cover, the MiMi has many possibilities for use. I have applied the flat side of the device, the curved side, and the equally rounded front to my gurly bits, all with fantastic results. And it doesn’t just feel great ‘down there’ – I have used it on my shoulders, neck and other areas that need a little attention from time to time. I can definitely imagine some fun foreplay situations.

The fact that it is waterproof means that the MiMi is now part of my shower kit and has resulted in numerous showergasms – the fact it is quiet helps a lot. The fact I am not quiet – well, that’s my problem (or, should I say, pleasure) – I can only imagine what the other people in my house wonder about what is going on in there.

My personal situation aside, the MiMi is touted as a great first vibrator. That it is, indeed. It looks great, is easy to use and is discreet. But it also may be the last one you ever buy. Once you try the MiMi, you likely won’t need to try much else as far as clitoral stimulators go.

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