Revel Body Review

The Revel is a quality toy that could be great for some people but not everyone for sure. The materials and USB charging dock are nice. I have not tested the waterproof claim but it seems it would be. An odd part about the toy that I did not see on any of the IndieGoGo material is how the two portions must connect. The internal "sonic" vibrating portion is separate from the rest of the toy and it must have lubricant between them to keep it functioning properly. It came with Vaseline already applied which I did not want on the toy so I washed it several times to get it off. I used a water-based lube with the toy and it makes a ton of squishing, gushing, air and lube noises. Normally the noises that toys make don't bother me but this was a bit much. The motor is quiet though. I kept worrying that maybe it was squishing all the lube out and stopping to reapply more that it didn't actually need. I assume it makes less noise with Vaseline but I will not try it that way since Vaseline breaks down condoms and is so hard to clean up.

 For the actual vibrations themselves, it is different than other toys. On low, the centre part has a lot of movement which might be most similar to the thuddy vibration of the Je Joue Mimi, We Vibe Touch and We Vibe Tango. The higher you turn the speed, the less the toy moves and it turns into a light surface buzz. It almost seems to go from high to low. If someone really loved more buzzy vibration, this toy could work for them but all the claims of Revel Body having a large range and more power than other toys is unsubstantiated hype.
The shape was easy to hold for me but it is on the large side so someone with small hands might not like it. The buttons are easy to push but it would depend on how you hold the toy if they were easy to reach.
At $199, the Revel Body doesn't live up to the competition once you have it in your hands.

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