The Lube Lowdown: Swiss Navy Creates a Sea of Pleasure

Using lubricant has only recently become part of my sexual vocabulary. I am going to admit that it never really occurred to me to use it. I always assumed that lubricant was for women who had trouble lubricating naturally.

How very, very wrong I was. Lubricant makes everything go more smoothly (pun definitely intended). Even with proper natural lubrication, using some water-based lubricant makes sex more comfortable for the partners involved. Even in solo sex, lubricant helps, particularly with toys.

I was looking for a water-based lubricant and headed to The Traveling Tickle Trunk to take a look at their substantial selection. I decided to try Swiss Navy, upon recommendation. Water-based was the number one criteria for me because I felt it would be a healthier choice for my body and because silicone-based lubricants can’t be used with silicone-covered toys. The silicone will activate itself and you’ll end up with a sticky mess. Water-based lubricants are also easier to clean up after. You just need water. Silicone requires soap and a little more effort.

I first put a little of the lube on my fingers to get a feel for it. It was thick and very smooth, almost reminding me of the consistency of hand sanitizer. It felt really good on my skin, so that made me feel more comfortable trying it out in a more intimate area. The smell is clean and very subtle, and my hands felt very soft after washing it away.

Swiss Navy is a great choice for people who want a little lube that goes a long way. The formulation is very thick and makes for easy gliding once applied. It can get a little sticky, so practice a bit with it to ensure you’re using the right amount and not too much. After one session of use, I thought I had used most of the bottle only to be surprised when much of it was still there.

You might want to roll the bottle between your hands before using it, as the lube feels cold at first. Friction does not cause it to get overheated, however, which is a plus. Even when it starts to dry and get sticky, it still does the job. Still, it feels best when it’s fresh out of the bottle.

One of the best things about Swiss Navy is that it does not stain fabric. It washes out easily. The bottle is leak proof and the pump locks, but it is still easy to work with one hand – as long as it is a dry hand. My sticky, slippery hand had a little trouble getting enough leverage to work the bottle on its own and my other hand was, well, busy. I managed to get more lube out without interrupting the flow of what was going on, but it wasn’t easy (and the bottle was sort of tacky afterwards – but easily cleaned up with water.

As I have mentioned previously, the main downside to Swiss Navy is how sticky it gets. Despite that, it really works well and the fact that is leaves no trace after washing means clothing and bed sheets (and rugs and upholstery) won’t get sacrificed in the name of pleasure.

Check out the Swiss Navy in our catalogue in the following sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz.

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