Joydivision Joystick Micro Gyro

When it comes to vibrators, bigger does not necessarily mean better. Alternately, smaller does not have to mean less powerful. Take the bullet, for instance: A small, basic kind of vibrator. Most only have one speed and are quite small.

However, not all bullets are created equal. The Joydivision Joystick Micro Gyro is made in Germany and packs a powerful amount of good vibrations into a small package. At its centre is a mini Joystick vibrator, which operates on one AAA battery. This is the first of many good things about this toy. Smaller bullets tend to take watch batteries, which are expensive and not as readily available as AAAs. And unlike toys that require charging, just put in the batteries and you’re immediately good to go.

The Joystick is 8.5 cm long and can be used on its own or with one of the 2 silicone sleeves that comes with the package. One is tipped and ribbed, resembling a condom. The other has three stubby round segments, like average-sized kegel beads. These sleeves give variations to the vibrations of the Joystick, which has 3 speeds. As mentioned earlier, small bullets only have a single speed – this is another bonus. There are no pulse patterns, however.

The toy can be used externally on the clitoral area or inside as a small, slender G-spot stimulator. It would also work well anally. It is waterproof and thus very easy to clean (and to use in the shower). Just make sure the unit is closed very tightly after replacing the battery.

But that’s enough about the mechanics of this toy. What is it like to play with? Using the plastic Joystick on its own is an incredibly intense experience. Each of the three speeds are quite fast, and the slim, cylindrical shape is perfect for accessing the clitoris or inserting into the vagina.

Although some of the vibrations get lost in the sleeves, they also add texture, creating different sensations. The pointed tip in particular on the ribbed sleeve is really great. I also found the rounded parts on the other sleeve to cover a lot of surface area if rolled around externally. It’s not quite like having three completely different toys, but it’s a lot of fun switching back and forth between them to try different things.

The sleeves require a bit of jiggling to remove, which might be difficult if your hands are wet or full of lube. Likewise, the tip of the toy is not much to hold on to, especially under moist circumstances. Also, there is no carrying case, so you’ll need something to keep everything together. However, these are really the only drawbacks to this toy set. It is ideal for someone looking for something simple but more than just a basic bullet.

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