Real People, Real Life, Real Sex: Matt and Khym Better Than Ever

Real People, Real Life, Real Sex: Matt and Khym Better Than Ever

Comstick Films presents a series of DVDs that are basically porn documentaries. The films feature real couples talking about their lives together and footage of them having real sex. Matt and Khym are in their 30s and at the time this was filmed, had been together for almost 20 years. In an interview (with the interviewer off-camera and silent) they talk about how they met and got together. The dialogue is very genuine and conversational, and Matt and Khym come across as both very likeably people. I especially was drawn to how empowered Khym was – she was younger and much less experienced then Matt when they got together, but she became a very strong and passionate woman. More than just likeable, Matt and Khym are an inspiration. Early on in their marriage they had a lot of things to deal with that could have very well broken up other couples – in particular, the revolving door of friends and family members who stayed with them and who they had to look after. But that is part of what makes this couple so attractive: They’re so giving, and still have enough left to give to each other. They seem so playful and natural in front of the camera, even talking about being intimate in ways most people probably don’t – at least, not in front of strangers. Now, like the title suggest, things are better than ever. They finally have their home to themselves and have rediscovered the joys of marriage and being a couple. A reason they made it through the hard times was by acknowledging the importance of their commitment and making their relationship a priority, even when their attentions were divided by other responsibilities.

Younger adults who may be getting involved with committed relationships could learn a thing or two from Matt and Khym who have been through a lot and are still together. Short clips of the two making love are interspersed with the dialogue for the first half of the film. Those clips are teasers for what’s to come: A full, unscripted love scene between Matt and Khym which was originally filmed with actual film, giving a soft feel to the final results. While some sex scenes in regular porn films can seen contrived or forced, this was so natural because Matt and Khym’s true affection for each other comes across really well on the screen. It’s incredibly erotic to know how deeply this couple loves each other. I actually wished the scene was longer. The interview section is great, but at a certain point I wanted to see less talk and more action. Matt and Khym: Better Than Ever was filmed in 2006. Despite an Internet search, I was unable to find any information about the couple as I would love to know where they are now and how things are going. Perhaps that is the most incredible thing about this film – the viewer really feels like they’ve become friends with Matt and Khym.

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