Water Dancer Pocket Massager

Water Dancer Pocket Massager

In my opinion, if a clitoral vibrator is going to be ‘one-note’ (by that I mean, one speed), it had better be pretty good. There are so many small vibrators on the market that are waterproof and portable enough for travel purposes that one sold specifically with those criteria in mind needs some extra selling points. 

Enter the Vibratex Water Dancer Pocket Massager. It’s small (slightly less than four inches long), blue, and runs on one AA battery. The latter is definitely a plus: You don’t have to carry a charger with you, and AA batteries are available pretty much everywhere. For a small unit, it feels quite weighty, but it functions reasonably quietly.

There’s no carrying case that comes with it, but it can easily be dropped into a purse or makeup bag. The surface of the vibrator has little plastic nubs for extra sensation. Or, to lighten the sensations with a smoother feel, you can leave the plastic cap on. However, if you apply too much pressure, the cap may fall off.

Made of hard ABS plastic, the Water Dancer is very easy to clean with soap and water – another plus. Like its name implies, it’s waterproof, which means you can use it in the shower, bath tub or swimming pool (if you happen to have some privacy). It twists on and off, and one twist beyond off opens the unit to change the battery. I’ve accidentally opened the unit when turning it off, which could prove ruinous if it happened under water. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some condensation in the upper part of the device and actually felt wetness when opening to the battery area – neither of which as of yet has interfered in its function or usage. The device also grows warm to the feel with use, which is not necessarily a bad thing and probably indicative of the strong motor inside of it.

Speaking of usage, of course when it comes to a vibrator with only one speed there is one of two reactions: Either you like it, or you don’t. It is a very fast, powerful vibration that may be too much for some (enter the usage of the cap, as mentioned earlier). I personally like stronger vibrators, so I was very pleased with its performance. It’s great not just for travel, but for usage at home too. It also feels great on other parts of the body (neck and shoulder in particular). It is inexpensive, unpretentious and works well. Definitely it’s much better than a plain bullet, and not that much more in terms of cost.

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