When Photoshop Gets Out of Control

I noticed this magazine cover at someone's house awhile ago and it made me do a double-take.

If you don't see it yet, take another look. Do the people who created this magazine cover actually expect us to believe that Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting actually looks like this? Look at how small her rib cage and waist are in comparison to her bust! If it is real, her upper-body is twisted in a very strange direction that no human would ever do in real life. It's pretty obvious that they've just taken a big section out of her left side. Why? Why? Why? This woman is gorgeous - even by conventional standards of beauty and she's pretty thin as standards of thinness go as well. Yet they've still felt the need to make her even thinner. Are we not allowed to have actual women with their actual bodies on the covers of magazines?