Toys in Vegas - Why Not?

It seems hotels on the Las Vegas strip want to get into the sex toy business. An ordinance is being prepared that would change the zoning to allow hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard South to devote a small section of their hotel gift shops to adult toys and novelties. It seemed a wee bit strange to me that you can't sell sex toys in hotels in Vegas. If you can't sell sex stuff there, where in the hell can you? When I was at the Rio Hotel last year, they had a whole shop devoted to the Chippendales and there were most certainly adult toys and novelties in there. But then I realized that although I didn't notice it, that was likely an age restricted store. Anyone of any age can shop in a hotel gift shop and that is probably why they are not allowed to have sex toys out in plain view. But, as the lawyer for Cesar's resort argued, Las Vegas has become THE destination for bachelor parties and stagettes. People want to buy their penis sippy cups and blowup dolls there, not bring them with. As it stands, they have to venture quite a ways off the strip to find an adult store. If you're going there for one or two nights, you don't have a lot of time to do that. I'm sure the hotels realize they're missing out on a pretty good source of revenue by not being able to sell that stuff. The AVN website laments that actual adult retailers will lose a lot of business if this is allowed to happen but I doubt that's true. Most of those people wouldn't take the time to seek out and go to an adult store of the strip anyway.

I happen to despise Las Vegas - just my opinion. I don't enjoy the atmosphere at all. However, there are at least four major adult trade events that happen there every year. I am likely to find myself in Las Vegas again in the not too distant future. Maybe this ordinance will inspire the hotels to do something fun with their gifts shops or to even open a really cool adult store in a hotel or on the strip. I would enjoy checking that out next time I'm trapped there for business.