Vibration for Voice

I have always been a proponent of vibrators and all the wonderful things they can do, and not just what they can do for your sex life. A story that came out last month and continues to make news gives us yet another wonderful use for the vibrator. It improves your singing voice!

Dr. David Ley, a professor at the University of Alberta, has found that use a vibrator against the muscles in the throat, around the vocal chords, can relax them and improve the strength and range of the voice. Yay for vibrators. Here is the best story and video I could find, that really explains what he's done. What the story doesn't tell you is that it was staff and the Traveling Tickle Trunk that helped him choose that Siri vibrator. We've always known that vibration is good for muscle massage. We work with physiotherapists who use massage for all kinds of muscle therapy. Vibrators stimulate blood flow and that helps muscle to relax and stretch out. So when Dr. Ley came in with this idea, our staff weren't surprised at all.

We're pleased to see this story getting so much press because we want everyone to understand how awesome vibrators are for all kinds of reasons. It's certainly stimulated a lot of interest in the Lelo Siri!