From the 'What Where They Thinking?' Files

I was just perusing some sex toy catalogues and came across this:

WTF? I am open to pretty much everything and anything anyone wants to do but this one I just don't get. The box says that this strap is meant to help you 'control the rate and depth of fellatio'. Any woman that I've ever talked to has said that she can, and would very much like to, control the rate and depth of fellatio herself. She really doesn't need any help to do that. She doesn't appreciate the hands on the back of her head trying to control her so she sure as heck wouldn't appreciate a strap across the back of her head, pulling her down on her guy. I've never talked to any guys about this but I'm betting that they also wouldn't want a strap around the back of their head pulling them down when they're trying to give a blowjob.

Some people do love it when their partner shows them what to do or they want to be controlled or grabbed and pulled down in a moment of passion. I will concede that that can be totally hot with the right person under the right circumstances. But if you're into that, why would you want a strap? It's much more intimate and immediate to just grab your partner's head. Who wants a freakin' strap around the back of your head? It's not as easy to move your partner around with a stupid strap and it's not as direct. It just seems completely unnecessary to me - one of those things that a toy manufacturer thought was a good idea but has never given, or maybe even received a blowjob and never thought to ask someone who has.