My Awkward Sexual Adventure and other Valentine's Movies

I went to the Metro (which, by the way, completely rocks and if you live in Edmonton and don't hang out there, you need to start now) last Friday and saw the movie 'My Awkward Sexual Adventure'. It's one of Canada's top ten movies of the year. It's playing again on Valentine's Day so that got me thinking about movies that would be good to watch on Valentine's Day.

Now if you are into traditionally romantic movies, you don't need me, look here. If you read this blog, you'll know that I am not traditional so my suggestions are for the more twisted view on what Valentine's Day might be.

Your best bet for V-Day is the Metro! At 7pm, they are playing Amelie. This French film which is fun and sweet and quirky and really must be seen. It's great for couples, a first date, or friends. At 9:30, they play My Awkward Sexual Adventure. This is not so sweet and tame as Amelie but not all that terribly raunchy either. There's a lot of nudity, which is good. It's a funny movie, mainly about character and about what we really want, not just in our sex lives but in life in general. It has a rather conventional ending, but because of all of the non-conventional stuff throughout, it's not so hard to take. The acting is lovely and the writing is good. But the toys are terrible - do not buy toys that you see in this movie. Their bondage gear is quite good though - I think they might have got it from Aslan.

Other suggestions:
Silver Linings Playbook - if you like romantic comedies, this is a really good one. The characters are complex and the story - while the same basic plot as a conventional romantic comedy - is actual complex. It treats people in a realistic way and is pretty truthful in the way is deals with mental health problems. If you are or ever have been somewhat nuts, you'll identify with this story. I think this is still in theatres but if not, the DVD is out so you can get it on TV on demand.

Sexual Chronicles of A French Family - I suppose this movie is romantic in a weird kind of way. It does show a lot of couples who seem to really love each other. There's lot of nudity and lots of sex but it's presented in a very direct way, with no shame at all. It's fascinating because of how different this French family is in the way they deal with their kids and sex. I caught this one on Netflix.

500 Days of Summer - this is a great one if you hate Valentine's Day or if don't hate it, you just think romantic love is bullshit. This movie takes the usual male/female paradigm and turns it on its head - with the guy being the hopeless romantic and the girl being the one who's just out for a good time. I think you can get this on netflix too.

Better Than Chocolate - hot, hot, hot - funny and lovely - watch it! It's an older movie - might be a little harder to find.

Crimes of Passion (1984) - this is messed up but hot in its own way. If you like twisted old movies that are so weird they teeter on the fence between really bad and really good, you'll like this. Not too much explicit sex but lots of implications of it - and lots of leather - and a very odd scene with a stiletto.

Sex and the City the Movie - Say whatever you want about this movie, it's the best girlfriend movie out there. If you are spending Valentine's Day with your best friends, get this and some cosmos.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - I finally just saw this movie a few weeks ago and it was not what I was expecting. If you are looking for something romantic that isn't cliche or predictable, this is it. The two main characters are interesting, quirky and likeable while at the same time, leading lives that put them on the bottom of the social strata. It's a beautiful little ode to loneliness, self-identify, and self-respect. And it ends up being sweet and romantic to boot.

What Dreams May Come - this is hands down the most romantic movie I've ever seen but also one of the scariest and darkest. If you are in the mood for a bit of soul-searching and a big 'ol bawl fest, watch this one. This is a great one to watch by yourself or with someone else who appreciates a sad movie.

and of course

Les Miserables - This might not strike you as the typical romantic movie but afterall, Les Mis is an ode to love. 'Remember the words that once were spoken - to love another person is to see the face of God'. Les Mis is about love of children, love of family, love of lovers, love of country, love of home - and defending those things to your death. See it with someone who loves musical theatre and is not afraid to get swept away. Great date movie and a great girlfriend movie. (and Enjolras is super hot)