What People Really Look Like

In my daily troll of time-wasting stuff on the internet, I came across this picture.

That is comedian Kathy Griffin without any makeup. Now, I know, this is of no relevance to anything whatsoever but it just shocked me and I felt compelled to make a comment about it.

The text below the picture described how utterly scary she looks without the makeup and hair styling. I couldn't disagree more. I was surprised because I never would have recognized her. She looks like a regular person. She looks like a friend of mine. She looks happy. I think she looks gorgeous!

Isn't it so sad, that people see a picture of a person just looking normal, without a team of stylists turning them into a caricature of themselves, and we think it's ugly? This is what me and my friends look like. This is what real people look like.

I love Kathy Griffin. I think she's super-funny and I love her big mouth. I think I would love her even more if she felt comfortable to look more like this on TV and in her live appearances and less made up. I think she actually looks more beautiful in this picture than she does when she's completely done up.