Another Hot Mess of a Talk Show

I stumbled across a post about Bethany Frankel having sex toys on her talk show. Sadly, I do know who this woman is. She got famous on one of those housewife shows and now it seems you can't turn on the TV without seeing her. I didn't know she had her own talk show. Well, she does and she had some vibrators on it. Here it is:

Notice anything weird? They won't show you the vibrators! I don't get it. Why would you have a segment about vibrators if you can't show the vibrators? This is so weird to me. Anytime I've ever seen any other show do this, they either pick out innocent little toys that don't look like penises or they put a warning on the show that it has adult content - or both. Why would you do this? They don't even say the names of most of the toys so you can't even google it to figure out what the heck they were playing with.

I don't understand the logic in what's okay to show and what's not either. The one that was shocking those too is the Jopen Intensity. It is phallic shaped but it doesn't look like a penis. It's a straight purple shaft with two metal contact plates on it. Why can't you show that on TV when you can show an Inez which is also metal and phallic shaped? I think they figure they are very salacious and edgy by having these toys on the show, but then they totally back down by now actually showing them on TV. If you're going to do that, you could, at the very least, take the dots and blurry spots out for the version that ran on Bethany's blog.

The Pleasure Chest in L.A. is actually one of my favourite stores but I'm not loving this woman here. I think she was having a hard time getting a word in edge-wise and that could explain some of her troubles. A lot of her information is not quite right.

Vibes that were use to treat (not cure) hysteria, were generally used externally only and vibes that were sold by mail order in the 20's were advertised as vibrators for the body and health (they didn't say how you were supposed to use them, you had to figure that out), not as furniture polishers etc. Also, the Inez is no solid gold, it can't be. It's gold plated.

Good try Bethany, but it's a miss.