Way to Go Edmonton!

Finally, I have proof that Edmonton is not a enclave of repressed rednecks. Pink Cherry released it's stats on which Canadian Cities buy the most sex toys. Guess who was number two on the list? That's right, it's us! We are second only to Toronto. Montreal and Vancouver are supposed to be the big sex meccas in Canada, but we actually love sex toys even more than they do. Congrats Edmonton! I always knew we were kinky and cool. What I didn't know is that the rest of Alberta in not far behind us. Calgary is number three on the list. In fact, little old Alberta placed four cities in the top 20 and 7 in the top 50! Given that we really only have 7 cities of any size in the province, that's pretty awesome. Check this link in the Huffington post to see the complete list of the top 50.