Dr. Vajayjay

This video was produced by the New View. It explains the tactics that a certain portion of the medical profession is using to market unnecessary and potentially dangerous genital cosmetic surgeries.

I believe completely in the right of women to choose to have or not have these surgeries. But I also believe in informed choice. The marketing information on these procedures - labiaplasty and g-shot in particular - claim all kinds of medical and psychological benefits which have never been studied or proven. None of these procedures has ever been the subject of rigorous study to prove safety. Cutting the labia involves severing and damaging nerves which could potentially impair nerve function in that area and therefore impair sexual satisfaction. Only the fine print on the liability waivers for these procedures will tell you that.

The fact is, there's no such thing as a normal vulva. We all look different - and we should all look different. There is no medical reason to have these procedures. Again, it's a person's choice if they would like to have a cosmetic surgery, but I think it's important, as the video points out, to first compare yourself with a vast sampling of what vulvas look like, not just what you see in porn videos and 'men's' magazines. There is a certain type of image that is considrered beautiful in that medium and it is not representative of most women.

Watch the video - it's entertaining and it makes some excellent points about the bill of goods we've been sold about how are supposed to look and how we are supposed to feel about it.