ArcWave Ion - Does it Live Up to the Hype?

ArcWave Ion - Does it Live Up to the Hype?

The  Arcwave Ion is a brand new toy that promises to do for penises what the Womanizer does for clitorises.  Since the Arcwave Ion is made by the same company as the Womanizer, if anyone can do it, they certainly can.  

There's a lot of hype around this toy.  It promises to be a revolution in toys for penises, like nothing we've ever seen before.  So is it?  Since we currently do not employ anyone with a penis, we got two people who do happen to have one to check this toy out.  Their answer?  Yes.  A not extremely enthusiastic yes, but a fairly positive yes all the same.

Test subject number one is an awesomely experimental dude with some pretty extensive toy experience.  He checked out the ArcWave with the seriousness of a scientist, trying it in different positions, with different motions, at different rates of stroking - basically anything he could think of to do with it.

His analysis?  Yep, it's good.  He felt it created a kind of sensation that's different than other toys, but perhaps not quite what ArcWave says.  Their intention is that the person should put the 'mouth' of the toy, directly against the frenulum (underside of the penis, just under the head) and leave it there.  It is supposed to create a feeling very much like a Womanizer does against a clitoris.

The issue, though, is that a frenulum is not that same as a clitoris.  A clitoris is an outie.  For most people, the nozzle part of a Womanizer, or similar type toy, will completely enclose, and hug their clitoris.  This allows it to create that sensation of sucking.

A frenulum is not an outie.  It's a spot on the penis, not a distinct structure itself.  It cannot be surrounded and enclosed like a clitoris can.   So no, the ArcWave does not feel like a Womanizer, at least not as far as any of us can tell.

But does it feel good?  Test subject number one says yes.  He felt that holding it only against his frenulum and not moving it, did not work that well, and was actually somewhat uncomfortable.  But when he moved the toy up and down - not a lot and not vigorously - just enough to move that opening across that sensitive underside of his penis, it felt very much like getting a hand job, from a hand that is not your own, a hand that really knows what it's doing.

Because the Arcwave is made of a very soft and flexible silicone, you can increase the pressure around your penis just by holding it tighter.  Test subject number one thought that felt really nice.   He advised that you do need a lot of lube to make sure it glides nicely and doesn't pull on your skin.

His final judgement?  It's feel really nice!  He thought it was cool to have something that operated so differently than other kinds of toys for penises.  He thought a lot of people would really like it, particularly if they have played with other strokers and really want something new.  

Subject Number Two was even more enthusiastic about it.  His comment?  'That!  It felt amazing.  It was definitely more like a long tease.  It will definitely get more use.  This is the conclusion I came to after talking with both of subjects.  Although the ArcWave was created with the intention of giving penises the sensation that a Womanizer gives a clitoris, WOWtech may have actually happened on something kind of the opposite.  Used on a clitoris, that pleasure air technology is a super strong, super intense sensation.  I often tell people that these toys are for when 'you just have to get the job done'.  For most people, within a couple of minutes - 2 to 5 often, it makes you cum, often very very hard.

The ArcWave, on the other hand, creates a very pleasant sensation that, for most people will not be quite strong enough to make them cum - at least not quickly.  But  this can be a really good thing.  As we know, when we make sensations last longer and build over a period of time, the climax is usually much more intense.  This was the exact experience of one of our friendly test subjects.

in fact, a review that I read on line said that he thinks the ArcWave is great for edging - either for fun, or for learning greater self control, or both, taking yourself right to the edge of orgasm and then holding off.  I have actually heard of people using the Womanizer and toys like it for that kind of play, so this makes a lot of sense.

One thing to note, the ArcWave is LOUD.  The higher you turn it up, the louder it gets.  So if noise is a problem for you, be forewarned.  

So, what's the final analysis?  Both subjects say, yep!  The ArcWave is good.  Test subject number two said 'I don't think it would be the first toy I would buy (if he didn't have toys yet) but it's very enjoyable'.  Test subject number one concurred. 

In spite of my reservations about it, it seems like this toy has a lot of offer.  I will add as well, that WOW tech really did its homework with this.  The toy is beautifully made, beautifully presented, it has a very nice storage case that is discreet and well designed.  The case has a spot to put a 'dry tech' pouch (included) in order to help keep the toy dry when being stored.  The sleeve part detaches from the motor so you can clean it easily.  I now see that you can buy a new sleeve for less than half the price of the whole toy - should you ever need to replace it.

The ArcWave is an investment.  It's an expensive toy to be sure.  But it seems like they did actually succeed in making something that works well and does something no other toy for penises currently on the market can do.