Best-sellers 2019 edition.

Best-sellers 2019 edition.

The decade has come to a close.  This is a good time to look back on the toys that kept you cumming to a close.

Here are our biggest selling toys over the last year  (please remember this is based solely on the number of units we sold - this is not to mean that these toys are better than lower selling toys at all.  And do remember that lower-priced toys do tend to sell in bigger quantities as they are more affordable to more people).

#10 - Satisfyer Pro 2

2018 was when we saw pressure wave toys really come on strong, but they remained big sellers in 2019.  While there were many new and different takes on this toy, the very first one we brought in remained our most popular. 

#9 - Cosmic Cockring


Sometimes the oldies really are the goodies.  We've had the cosmic cocking since before we even became a store.  This year was a great year for cock rings.  While we brought in many new, powerful, rechargeable rings, we found our original choice was still a big hit.  This is probably because the Cosmic is great quality at a really low price point.  Plus, it's easy to operate and looks simple and non-threatening.  The Cosmic is a very popular first time toy.

 #8 - We Vibe Sync


There is never a year without a We Vibe product or two on the list.  This year, the top of the line We Vibe, the Sync, was even more popular than last year.  

 #7 - Magic Wand Rechargeable


While the rechargeable Magic Wand has been around for about 3 years now, we found it was more popular than ever.  There are a lot of wand style vibrators on the market but it seems many people have tried the rest and now know that this one is by far the best.

#6 - Adore U Dahlia


We've had the Dahlia for about two years now but this is it's first appearance on the list.  While it's always been popular for it's great shape and affordable price point, this is the first year it's made it into our top ten.

#5 - Mini Swan Wand


The mini swan was an instant hit when we brought it in about four years ago.  It continues to be one of our best-sellers.  Very powerful while still small and simple - with a great price point for a rechargeable vibe.

#4 - Posh Teaser


A perennial favorite for almost 7 years now, the Posh Teaser is a popular first time vibe.  It has great power for a simple battery operated toy and the silicone casing is smooth and soft. 

#3 - Tenga Egg


We were uncertain about bringing in these little disposable toys.  The thought of using and throwing out a sex toy breaks our heart.  But, these little guys are also a great intro to sex toys for a lot of people who might hesitate to buy a more expensive sleeve.  They also make an awesome gift and are the perfect travel toy.


#2 - Three speed power bullet


These little guys are to vibrators what the Tenga Egg is to sleeves.  They pack a punch for a tiny price tag, and they work with a bunch of other toys that have spaces for vibrators.  


#1 - Soft Rain Bullet

Our top seller has retains its top spot for the third year running!  The soft rain's compact shape, multiple speeds and affordable price tag make it a popular choice.  It used to be that if you wanted a quality toy made of quality material, you'd have to spend a lot of money.  The rain proves this is no longer the case.


While toys continue to change and develop, our top ten for 2019 prove that the old reliables often remain so.  We look forward to more innovation in the New Year but will always keep tried and true, top quality toys on hand for you.




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