Best Sellers 2022

Best Sellers 2022

Once again we bring you our biggest sellers of the year.  Many of the greatest hits from 2021 are back again but we did see some new ones come onto the list,  Wanting to give some important, hard-working toys their due, we've made a top 20 for this year instead of a top 10.

And here they are!

20.  Under the Bed Restraint System

Our amazing customers just love to restrain and be restrained.  You all are kinky and we love it!  Number 20 on our list is this affordable, versatile restraint system that turns your bed into a playground.


19.  Magic Wand Mini

The only reason this toy is not higher on the list is that it came out part way through the year.  As you will see throughout this list, Magic Wands are very popular at the Tickle Trunk. We were thrilled when they released this new rechargeable version which is smaller and lighter and almost as powerful at the full size.

magic wand mini

 18.  Lydia Plug Set

For years you've been asking us for a plug set with different sizes, so you can increase as your comfort grows. We've always had to tell you we can't carry them because no one makes a silicone set - until now.  Lydia is a set of three sizes of plugs with a great shape and a great price.  It became one of our most popular items almost immediately.

lydia graduated plug set

17, 16 and 15

It's a three way (and we love a three-way) tie between Addiction Ben and Tom, Nova 2, and Magic Wand Plus.

We are so happy to see some dildos on this list.  Tom and Ben are our freaky and funky silicone dill brothers who became super popular because of their interesting shape and texture and their excellent price point.

addiction tom and ben d*ldo

Nova 2 is one of Brenda's favourite toys.  With a new flexible, posable shaft, the Nova 2 is even better than the first version,  And now you have a choice of navy or peach.

we vibe nova 2


The  updated version of the old corded Magic Wand, the Magic Wand Plus continues to be very popular.  The power of the rechargeable at a lower price - how can you lose?

magic wand plus electric corded

14.  Satisfyer Penguin

One of the best pressure wave toys has been a favourite since it came into our product lineup about six years ago.  And he's dressed for a formal occasion, complete with bow tie.

satisfyer penguin

13.  Party Marty

Another dil on the list!  Party Marty won your hearts with his super fun look - so unusual to find in a 100% silicone toy.

party marty silicone d*ldo


12.  We Vibe Match

All of the We Vibe 'couples' toys are popular but out of the three - Chorus, Unite, and Match.  The Match, in the middle of the pack for price and function, won the top place for sales of the three this year.

we vibe match


11. Touch of Velvet Bullet

Our biggest seller of the small, battery-operated bullets this year was the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet.  We understand why - it's beautiful, multi-functional,  and quiet.  And it comes in several beautiful colours.

rocks off touch of velvet vibrator


10.  Magic Wand Rechargeable

The full-size rechargeable version was your favourite Magic Wand this year.

magic wand rechargeable


9.  Essential Rechargeable Bullet by BMS Factory

Slipping only one spot this year, the best rechargeable bullet we've ever seen is still one of your favourites.

Essential Vibrating Bullet - Rechargeable


8, 7, and 6

We have another three-way!  The Satisfyer Vibrating Ring, the Mini Swan Wand and the Sienna Plug Set are tied for 8th, 7th and 6th best sellers this year,

The Satisfyer Round Ring was our most popular vibrating ring.  Great size, great price, and it's rechargeable.

Satisfyer Vibro Round Ring

A favourite from the minute we brought it in many years ago, the Mini Swan Wand is extremely powerful for a toy so small.  It doesn't hurt that it's made by one of our very favourite Canadian companies. 

New this year is our other plug set, Sienna, which proved more popular than it's sibling, Lydia, but only by a bit.

adore u sienna plug set


5.  Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs

You all love bondage!  These soft cuffs were even more popular this year than they have been in previous years.

kinklab neoprene cuffs

4.  We Vibe Melt

The We Vibe Melt has continued to be a popular toy with its sleek shape and its easy to manage controls. This year Wow Tech added to the fun by bringing out a navy blue version,


3.  Palm Power Pocket by BMS Factory

The Palm Power Pocket is number three this year, moving up a spot.  This discreet, powerful, rechargeable little toy was by far our most popular vibrating toy this year.

Palm Power Pocket

2.  Cotton Rope

Again this colourful cotton rope was a big big seller.  As we've said before, you love to tie each other up and we are happy to help!

Cotton Bondage Rope

1.  Tenga Egg

Our number one seller for the second year in row is the Tenga Egg.  If Tenga keeps coming out with new textures in 2023 as often as they did in 2022, it will probably stay at number one.

Tenga Eggs- Hard Boiled


Honourable mentions:  

Big sellers last year were the Clean Stream Enema Bulb and the Safety Scissors.  We didn't give them places on the list because they aren't actually toys but we think that they deserve a mention.  We love that you are taking care of your safety, health and hygiene while you're having fun.

Stay freaky Edmonton, and thanks for supporting your local toy shop.  See you in 2023!

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