Butt Toys for Beginners - The Tickle Trunk List

Butt Toys for Beginners - The Tickle Trunk List

I just ran across this article from Bustle on butt plugs for beginners and I really have to disagree.  It seems like this article was written more from a sales perspective than from true guidance for people who are interested in trying butt plugs for the first time.

Their first choice is the B-Vibe novice plug.  There's nothing wrong with B-Vibe toys quality, and the shape of this toy looks like it might be a good starter.  The problem is the price - $169! (CAD conversion).  This plug comes with all the bells and whistles including a rechargeable vibrating motor and a remote control.  If you're just getting started with butt play, you might not even know that you like it yet.  Why spend $169 and risk having it sit in the bottom of a drawer gathering dust after the first use?  We always suggest starting out with something simple so that you can decide if you love enough to want a toy with all the bells and whistles.

If you are absolutely certain that you want a rechargeable remote toy, go for their number 6 suggestion, the We Vibe Ditto.  This toy is also rechargeable and come with a remote control - PLUS it has a bluetooth so it can be controlled by smartphone app.  The Ditto is $139 CAD.

I would also disagree with their number 2 suggestion, the Icicles P-Spot Plug.  Glass toys, obviously, don't bend.  This can mean that when you are just starting out and getting comfortable with your angles and how butt toys fit for you, glass toys can push in all the wrong places and be very uncomfortable and even painful.  This one is curved for p-spot which can make it even more uncomfortable for the first time user.  It's impossible from the picture to tell how big this toy is, but if it's on the larger size, it's highly likely to be uncomfortable.  As well, Icicles is a line by PipeDreams, a company that is known for poor quality toys.  We don't sell Icicles toys because we don't trust PipeDreams to be honest about what's in them.

Most of their suggestions are higher-end vibrating toys that come with a pretty hefty price tag.  Most people who are beginning with butt plugs prefer something that doesn't vibrate, just so they can get used to the feeling.  As well, having a vibrator in the toy tends to make the toy larger, which isn't always what beginners prefer.

Here are my suggestions for starter toys:

Fuze Pleasure Plugs - these 100% silicone plugs have a nice slow taper to the top and a comfortable base.  They come in four sizes and range in price from $23 for the smallest to $54 for the largest (which is a much more advanced size).

Tantus Perfect Plugs - these 100% silicone plugs are a great shape and size for beginners.  The Perfect Plug, which does not vibrate, is one of the smallest plugs available with a comfortable, body safe base.  The Perfect Plug Plus is just a bit larger because it has a vibrator in it.  Many people find this toy still a great size for beginning with the added bonus of vibration.  The Perfect Plug is $38 and the Plus is $47.

There are a few other shapes and sizes, such as the Fuze Arrow, Fuze Sol, and the new Figo Cones (small size is probably best) that can be great beginner toys as well.