'Easy' is not Easy at All - but It's Great on Toys!

'Easy' is not Easy at All - but It's Great on Toys!

Last night, I watched the first episode in the new Netflix show 'Easy'.  This is an eight episode anthology series that highlights aspects of the sex lives of different people.

As I said, I have only watched one episode so far so I can't comment on the series as whole.

First thing I have to say is 'Wow, congrats on the toy, producers!'.  Usually when you have a scene of a sexually frustrated woman masturbating alone, the toy is a nondescript, somewhat phallic-shaped plastic or rubber vibrator.  Not in this show.  In this episode, she has a Fun Factory Miss Bi!  Not only does she have excellent taste in toys, and a bit of money to spend on them, she is also very current.  Miss Bi is only a year old!  I was shocked to see a real, very current, sex toy featured on a tv show.

I realize this may have been a product placement, but even if it is, I still have to give it up to Fun Factory and the show producers for showing someone playing with an actual, good quality, realistic toy.  She even used lube with it (good clean love) - which she had handy in her drawer.

As for what I thought about the rest of the episode, I'm just not sure.  It examined the complexity of sex within a long-term monogamous relationship.  It's not easy to watch.  A lot of very uncomfortable things happen between this couple.  I wanted to, and probably did, yell at both of them.  They let all kinds of things come between them and actually telling each other what they want and fulfilling each other's desires.  It's frustrating to watch, but it's the reality a lot of us are living with.

The ending is confusing and somewhat upsetting.  I'm not entirely certain what we're meant to think about it.  

It's certainly not sunshine and happy endings, but it is brutally realistic and it's worth a watch - even if just to see a great depiction of modern vibrator use.



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