Goop Spreads it Garbage to Netflix

Goop Spreads it Garbage to Netflix

I heard today that, in spite of many concerns by many medical professionals and advocates for truth in advertising, and in spite of the fact that less than 2 years ago, her company was forced to pay out a $145,000 settlement for lying about the products it promotes, Netflix is going ahead with airing Gwyneth Paltrow's tv series.

'Goop Lab' will start airing at the end of January.  When asked about the controversy and the concerns about her spreading medical misinformation, both Netflix and Paltrow say that are 'simply having fun'.  Apparently Netflix thinks it's enough to post a quick disclaimer at the beginning of each show saying that the content does not constitute medical advice.

But you can buy products directly on the Goop site.  They have physical stores that you can go to and purchase the products from the site.  Hell, they even have international conferences that you can pay a lot of money  for to sit and hear about all these therapies and wellness strategies. Soon they will have special cruise packages (no, I'm not making that up, they are actually planning to have a 'wellness' cruise package where you can partake of these therapies while you cruise).    Does that sound like a company that is simply having fun and not actually recommending any of the products and services they talk about?  

I was surprised to see Betty Dodson in the trailer for the show.  I would have hoped she would have done her homework and chosen not to be involved with someone who promotes such patently dangerous ideas as vagina steams and jade love eggs.  But perhaps Betty can led the tiniest bit of actual solid information to the show.  

You know I'm going to watch this trash - because I feel I have to.  I  will watch  it so you don't need to.  Instead, watch Dr. Jen Gunter's excellent series on CBC gem called 'Jensplaining'.  Or you could  also read her book, which we just got into the store - the Vagina Bible.