Greatest Hits 2020

Greatest Hits 2020

It's time once again for our yearly review of what you liked most over the past 365 days.

This year, we're going to do it just a bit differently.  We've got two lists.  The first is our Top 20 Sellers by Sales Volume - that means what made the the money $.  The second is our Top 20 Sellers by Number - that means what you bought the most of.  We're doing it that way because some of our biggest sellers don't make the most money because they're smaller and they cost less - and because some of the most expensive items are not always the biggest sellers, even though they are hugely popular, simply because they cost more and not everyone can or wants to buy them.

So here goes.....

Top 20 Best Sellers of 2020 by Sales Volume

 20.  The Posh Teaser by California Exotics

This simple vibe has been on our top seller list since we brought it in more than 6 years ago.  Even with it's reasonable price of $48, the Posh Teaser still makes into our list of biggest sales at number 20.


19.  Under the Bed Restraint System by Lux Fetish

People love to tie each other up!  And this system makes it easy to do without having to learn the ropes of rope tying.

18.  Beverly Hills Bunny by California Exotics

A great addition to our collection of Rabbit toys, this one is top quality silicone, it's rechargeable, and it looks great.

17.  We Vibe Nova

Although the Nova doesn't have a rotating shaft, it is still our favourite rabbit style toy.  The innovative design of this toy means it fits almost everyone's anatomy.  Plus it has two motors which you can control separately.

16.  We Vibe Wand

There are so many Wands on the market that we don't bother with most of them.  But, as usual, when We Vibe made a Wand, they really made a great one.  We Vibe Wand has a great ergonomic design, it has a smart touch setting so that it will only go on when you're touching it, and it comes with two attachments.

15.  Booty Plug Set - by Rianne S

We adore Rianne S!  They make beautiful toys that are beautifully packaged AND they are highly functional.  This great little set of plugs has been popular ever since we brought it in.  Great shape, great design, and with a beautiful jewel at the base.


14. We Vibe Moxie

Are you starting to notice a theme?  Almost every toy We Vibe makes made it onto our top 20.  Moxie is THE panty vibe.  Finally someone figured out that it's not about the panties, it about the vibe!  So this one attaches by magnate to any pair you want to wear.  Control it by remote with the controller or by your phone.

 13.  We Vibe Rave

Yet another We Vibe toy - the Rave is a beautiful shape.  It's one of the best g-spot toys we've seen.

12,  Spareparts Joque

There are a lot of harnesses around but we've never seen once that gets form, function, and fashion right all at the same time.  This one has been a favourite since it came into the store almost 10 years ago.

11.  We Vibe Match

Yes, it's another We Vibe.  The Match is We Vibe mid range offering - half way between the stripped down simplicity of the Unite and all the Bells and Whistles of the Chorus.

10.  We Vibe Vector

More We Vibes!  This one really knocked it out of the park as far as design.  The vector has a flexible core which means you can change the angle.  It is sure the hit the sensitive prostate for almost everyone!  And it comes with a remote!

9.  We Vibe Sync

The only reason the Sync is not number one is because it was replaced with the Chorus early on in the year.  The original We Vibe design has been improved every year since it was first released 11 years ago, but it started out as one of the best sellers in sex toy history and has remained so ever since.

8.  Womanizer Premium

We were reluctant to bring Womanizer in because of their tacky and cheap looking designs, but when they merged with We Vibe, everything changed.  Now the top of the line Womanizer is a beautiful toy with top quality materials and amazing function.  This is the first toy we saw to use the smart silence technology and it is very cool.



7.  Mini Swan Wand by BMS

This is another that has been a favourite since it was brought in several years ago.  The Min Swan is extremely powerful for a toy so small.  It doesn't hurt that it's made by one of our very favourite Canadian companies.  When you consider that the mini swan is only $79 and it's still at number 7 on this list, you'll understand how popular it is.

6.  We Vibe Melt

When Womanizer bought out We Vibe, they decided to make a We Vibe version of their popular toy.  This one has a slim design that fits well between partners.  And it can be remote controlled from the app.  They obviously did a good job because it ended up at number 6 on our bestseller list.


5.  Satisfyer Pro 2

Womanizer created the technology but Satisfyer did a pretty nice spin on it.  This is the only other air pulse toy we will sell because they are the only company that did this correctly.  Satisfyer Pro is basic but it works great and is an excellent price point.  Again, when you look at other toys that twice the price, but further down the list, you'll realize how popular this toy is.

4.  Satisfyer Penguin

What's more popular than the Satisfyer Pro 2?  The Satisfyer Penguin, of course.

3.  Original Magic Wand Plus

The Magic Wand has always been a favourite, and now with the new design, the Magic Wand Plus is again one of our best sellers.


2.  Original Magic Wand Rechargeable

What's better than a Magic Wand Plus?  A Magic Wand Rechargeable.

1.  We Vibe Chorus

Are you surprised that the top spot went to We Vibe?  After looking at this list, you shouldn't be.  Even coming onto the market after the beginning of the year didn't stop Chorus from taking our number one spot.  Chorus is the latest improvement to the We Vibe line with a squeeze remote and more variety in vibration settings.  It's proven to be a big seller.

To see what your favourite smaller toys were, and some of our best selling lubes, check out our next post for our top 20 products by units sold.








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