Greatest Hits of 2021

Greatest Hits of 2021

We are a little slow this year but we want to make sure to show you what the biggest sellers of 2021 were.   This year, we've taken a look at which toys sold the most units.

So here goes.....

10.  We Vibe Melt

The We Vibe Melt has continued to be a popular toy with its sleek shape and it's easy to manage controls. It's one of two pressure wave toys on our top ten this year.


9.  The Essential Rechargeable Bullet by BMS Factory

Many have tried and most have failed, but BMS manage to make an excellent rechargeable bullet that is powerful and reliable.  It comes in at number 9 on our bestsller list for 2021.

Essential Vibrating Bullet - Rechargeable


8.  Mini Swan Wand by BMS

A favourite from the minute we brought it in many years ago, the Min Swan is extremely powerful for a toy so small.  It doesn't hurt that it's made by one of our very favourite Canadian companies. 


7.  Satisfyer Round Ring

This great little ring, with its excellent price point puts the option of rechargeable power and fun in everyone's hands.

Satisfyer Vibro Round Ring


 6.  The Posh Teaser by California Exotics


This simple vibe has been on our top seller list since we brought it in more than 7 years ago.  It offers lots of settings, quality material, and an easy to operate and control design.


5.  Original Magic Wand Plus

The Magic Wand has always been a favourite, the redesigned Magic Wand plus seems to be even more so.

4.  The Palm Power Pocket by BMS Factory

When BMS came up with Palm Power wand, it was an instant hit and the same can be said for the Palm Power pocket, which puts that power into a tiny, portable package - great for travel!

Palm Power Pocket

3.  Cotton Rope

We all had a lot of time at home this year and it seems a lot of y0u used that time to learn to tie each other up.  We sold more cotton rope in 2021 than every before!

Cotton Bondage Rope

2.  Satisfyer Penguin

The adorable and ever-popular penguin was our number 2 this year.

1.  Tenga Egg

Our number one seller for the first time this year is the Tenga Egg.  Seems that solo sex may have ruled the roost in 2021 with our number two being an excellent masturbator for this with clitorises and our number one being the same for those with penises!

Tenga Eggs- Hard Boiled