Lingerie Crawl - Even Better Than it Sounds

Lingerie Crawl - Even Better Than it Sounds

A lingerie crawl sounds like it could be all kinds of things but let me assure you, it's the least seedy of all the things you've thought of.  This is a gathering of women who spend all day visiting lingerie stores together - to try on, and probably purchase some sexy undies.  

It's such a brilliant idea, I'm surprised I've never heard of it before.  Lots of women love lingerie but so many of us are intimidated to go out and buy it.  We've absorbed so many negative ideas about what our bodies look like, or are supposed to look like.  We may have had bad experiences at shops before - not being able to find our size, being judged by sales people or others, or by ourselves.

The lingerie crawl, brainchild of local boudoir photographer, is designed to combat all of those issues.  "I'm a professional instigator (and possibly a bad influence)" Star told me, "and I'm always coming up with new adventures. I love hosting fun and unique events for my clients and other women in this fabulous little body-positive community, and while I always encourage my clients to shop locally for their lingerie, a lot of the women I talk to are a bit intimidated by the idea of going into a lingerie boutique for the first time alone, so I decided we'd make a day of it!"

So, you get to hang out with new friends, go shopping, and have a troupe of super supportive people help you pick out lingerie and tell you that you look beautiful.  And trust me, they will be telling you that.  Over her years of photographing people in their skivvies, and creating other fun inclusive events, Star has built a community of diverse women (note - this is for ALL women - trans and cis, and those who identify as women only part of the time, or on their own terms) who really help each other find and appreciate their own unique beauty.

Star also makes a point of supporting local independent stores at this event.  As a small local business, I appreciate this very much.  Our local retailers have a lot to offer.  It's so important to support them and help them stay in business.  Star told me she is still confirming the actual stops on the crawl, but on her list of potentials are Dawn's Bratique, Night Owl Lingerie, and Nightshade Corsets (one of our favourite Old Strathcona businesses).  

If a lingerie crawl sounds like exactly the thing you'd like to do, find out more here.  This event is happening on Saturday, July 13.  Star says there's lots of interest so you should sign up soon.  But don't worry if you can't make it.  She says there will definitely be more in the future.

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