New Faces at the Tickle Trunk

We've got a couple of new faces around the store and we wanted to introduce you.  Please welcome Erica and Aretha.


Hi, I’m Erica (she/her/they) and I have had the privilege of working at the Tickle Trunk since Spring 2021. I received a very sex-negative, biased “sex-education” growing up and felt so much shame & secrecy surrounding sexuality. It wasn’t until I took a course (HE COL: 211) at the U of A that I realized how empowering the provision of factual, non-judgmental information about sex can be! During this course I was first introduced to Brenda and bought my first vibrator shortly after. Really, since then, I have based my education and career trajectory around sexuality. I believe our sexual health is equally as important as our physical, spiritual, and emotional health and should be viewed and treated as such.

I have been involved with many community organizations like Compass, ASPSH, and SACE and completed a Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health. I recently lived in Amsterdam to learn from their more sex-positive culture where I worked in a sex shop near the Red Light District (working in a sex shop has seriously been my favorite job ever!). After that, I started my own business, SEXPLETIVE, through which I offer tailored sexual health education, write informative articles, and create sustainable, beautiful, functional sex toys!

Sex toys are commonly viewed to be frivilous but I think they have the potential to be important and helpful tools on our journeys to create a relationship with our sexuality. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work at the Tickle Trunk alongside my amazing coworkers and have conversations about sexuality for a living! Beyond talking about sex, I really enjoy hanging out with my partner, dog, friends, and family, traveling (when it feels safe), and doing pottery (ceramic dildos!).

I hope to see you around the store!




Hi, I’m Aretha. I use She/ Her and They/ Them pronouns. I am an undergrad student, a sexual health educator, a workshop facilitator, and a sex toy review blogger. I’ve been working and volunteering in the sexual health field in Edmonton for about 4 years and a lot of my passion comes from working in a toy store and discussing the unlimited options there are when it comes to sexual pleasure. I believe it’s important to be well-informed on sexual health and pleasure. I thrive working in a sex-positive, and body-positive environment. The Traveling Tickle Trunk has always been my go-to suggestion for anyone that asks where to shop. The products are all thoughtfully chosen, body-safe and it is a supportive, positive environment. I think The Tickle Trunk is a deeply loved part of the city, and I am honored to be a part of the team here.