The Tickle Trunk Turns 10 - Giveaway Package Number 1 - Kama Sutra

The Tickle Trunk Turns 10 - Giveaway Package Number 1 - Kama Sutra

When I first started planning our 10th birthday, almost a year ago, I thought 'You know what would be fun?  Giving away a ton of stuff!!!'.  And so I set about making that happen.  The Tickle Trunk exists to help people find only the best, body-safe, top quality products around.  I wanted to put together 10 amazing giveaways featuring the 10 companies that we know and love best.  So for the next 10 days, you'll get to see what those giveaways are and why we chose these particular 10.

The first prize package is from Kama Sutra.  I have a very special place in my heart for Kama Sutra because they were the first quality company I was introduced to way back when I started selling toys 20 years ago.

Kama Sutra stood out to me right away because the products were so very well made.  It was obvious that their research and development team spent a lot of time creating these products.  The ingredients are great, the formulations are rich and beautiful and appeal to all of your senses.  

I was brand new to the world of selling things, but Kama Sutra made it easier for me to make that jump because I loved all of the products and had no problem telling everyone how great they were.  I used, and still use, a lot of them myself.

There are a lot of companies that have attempted to do what Kama Sutra does - some of them have even outright copied their entire line - but they are just not quite the same.  They don't have the same attention to detail, the same luxurious quality, the same beautiful packaging.  

I have always loved them and enjoyed speaking to their reps at the many trade shows I attend, but a few years ago someone I've known for many years through other companies, Memo, became their lead traveling sales rep.  Now I LOVE visiting their booths because Memo is just so much fun to talk to and he knows the products so well.

I know I'm not alone in love Kama Sutra.  I've met many people at parties and in the store who will never be without their honey dust or their sweet almond oil.

It was no question that Kama Sutra would be one of our 10 companies for our giveaway.  In this package, we've got an all-time favorite, the Strawberry Honey Dust, one of their beautiful collections, the Love Essentials, which features five mini versions of favourite Kama Sutra products, and a Lavani dual rechargeable vibrator.    This package is worth $245.

To enter, drop into the store anytime before February 3.  You'll get a draw ticket every time you come in, and every time you make a purchase, and you can pick which of the ten draws you want to enter.  Draw will be made on Monday, February 4.

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